Change Lives When You Donate Your Car to Goodwill!

You’ve finally decided to upgrade your vehicle and buy a new or used vehicle–congratulations! But now you have to decide…
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Goodwill’s Volunteer Service Guild Presents Spring Mini-Fest!

The weekend of May 3rd and 4th marks the annual Spring Mini-Fest presented by the organization’s Volunteer Service Guild. The…
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Small Businesses Save Money with Contract Labor Services

  Labor costs are one of the most sizeable line items in a small business budget and, typically, the more…
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Ohio Valley Goodwill Announces 2019 CARF Accreditation Survey Results!

Ohio Valley Goodwill is pleased to announce that the organization has just completed its 2019 Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation…
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Spring Clean Your Bookshelves: 4 Great Reasons to Donate your Books

Bibliophile. If you are one, you know exactly what that word means…someone who LOVES books. And, if you are bibliophile,…
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It’s Time for All Goodwill Team Members to FLY at the Flying Pig Marathon This Weekend!

Ohio Valley Goodwill is more than excited to announce that for the first time since 2000, the organization will have…
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