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Goodwill Industrial Services has the honor of serving some of the finest businesses in Greater Cincinnati. Why do businesses trust Goodwill to do the job? Because of our commitment to delivering value and the impact we have on improving lives across our community. We take pride in creating exceptional results for the businesses we serve. Don’t just take our word for it. See what our customers have to say about the work we do.

Rob Mathis
Director Procurement, Xomox Corporation

I would like to recommend the various services of Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries to you. Xomox Corporation has worked with Goodwill for over 9 years on several projects.

As an example of parts they provide, one component is a tag attachment, which involves cutting a piece of wire and twisting it numerous times to meet our specifications. Another component Goodwill Industries provides is our instruction kits for valve installation for dealers and or customers. We use several thousand per month and Goodwill Industries maintains 100% delivery and quality accuracy. Without these seemingly insignificant parts, production and customer shipments would stop. The associates at Goodwill Industries meet their commitments even on occasions when we give them less than their normal lead time. Very reliable supplier, never have they let us down.

While delivery and quality are very important, cost is also a concern. The two components mentioned; tag and instruction kits are provided to Xomox at a lower cost versus internal manufacture. This allows Xomox employees to concentrate on bigger, higher end components and assemblies.

Without question, Goodwill Industries and its associates have done an excellent job for Xomox: on time delivery, 100% quality acceptance and all at competitive prices. I encourage you to give them an opportunity to be part of your valuable Supply Chain.

P.S. Tufline/Xomox is also supportive of Goodwill’s Mission in working with people with disabilities.


Terry Bien
President, Ashley Ward

I am glad to recommend the services provided by the Industrial Services Division of Goodwill. Initially, Goodwill had reached out to me about their services. After some consideration, I decided to meet with them and discuss projects that would be beneficial to our operation to outsource.

Goodwill toured the facility and reviewed our projects that I considered for outsourcing. After I received their proposal for one of the projects, I decided to give them an opportunity that involved inspecting and sorting parts. For this project, we provided them with the specific equipment for the processing of the parts.

They have been able to accurately process our parts either on schedule, or in some instances, ahead of schedule, which is always beneficial. By using their services, I can have my employees focus on more complex projects.

I look forward to having Goodwill process other work that will make my business more profitable and productive. Our relationship has been beneficial to Ashley Ward’s continued success.


Andrew Davis
Production Manager, Armor USA, Inc.

I would like to recommend the Industrial Services Division of Goodwill as a source for labor to supplement your business needs. We have been utilizing the services of Goodwill for just over one year. After being made aware of Goodwill’s capabilities, we decided to use them as an extension of our labor force. We have used them for shrink-wrapping our products, of which we had been processing in-house. By having them turn orders around for us efficiently, we are able to have our employees focus on other essential aspects of our business.

We worked closely with them on establishing our standards and requirements, and, after proving that they can accomplish what we need, we now send orders to them with confidence that they will be processed as we need them to be.

They also pick up and deliver the orders, which is one less burden we have to be concerned with for our projects.

Goodwill does a good job and we appreciate their service.


Alison Kohlenstein
Director of Product Development, Cosmetic Design Group (CDG)

I would like to recommend the Industrial Services Division of Goodwill Industries. They have been providing Pick and Pack Services as well as Kit Assembly Services to the Cosmetic Design Group for over 1 year. They have benefitted our business by providing needed warehouse space, in a strategic location, to hold our products. They have a quick turnaround in fulfilling our weekly orders, many times that are next day rush orders. Their reliability in filling the orders accurately minimizes our risk and concern in satisfying our end users and enables us focus on our core business.

We also have an appreciation and deep value for their flexibility in being able to complete different projects that arise unexpectedly and require ” can do” approach. Besides that, they are genuinely nice people to work with who put care and thoughtfulness into every job they do for us.

If you have a project that you want or need to outsource, I would put Goodwill at the top of the call list.


Michelle Reeves
Arts Wave

I would like to recommend the Industrial Services Division of Goodwill Industries. They have been packaging material kits for the ArtsWave annual workplace campaign efforts for 3 years. Their assembly and fulfillment services have been beneficial to our organization in a variety of ways. They are able to receive and warehouse our materials, freeing up workspace in our office. They assemble each kit based on unique specifications. Goodwill then prepares and processes the orders to ship via UPS, which still allows ArtsWave to utilize our own shipping account.

By using their services, a reoccurring project such as this is not a burden to our staff and allows them to focus on their main responsibilities and be as productive as possible.

Goodwill is a good company to work with as their staff is professional, reliable and helpful.

Thank you Goodwill!

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