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3 Ideas for Spreading Love this Valentine’s Day

Showing kindness is the best way to celebrate Valentine's Day! Here are a few ideas for sharing the love through Goodwill in Cincinnati.

Goodwill Grateful for VonLehman Donations

Ohio Valley Goodwill was pleased to accept a generous donation from the VonLehman CPA & Advisory Firm on Saturday, February...

How Goodwill Helps You Shop for Your Sweetie on a Budget!

Valentine's Day is almost here and Ohio Valley Goodwill has all the thoughtful gifts you need to celebrate with your sweetie!

Ohio Valley Goodwill Hosting Job Fair on February 2nd!

Cincinnati, OH ·· February 1, 2023 ·· Ohio Valley Goodwill Announces Job Fair on February 2nd from 9 am until...

Goodwill Excited to Celebrate 25th Anniversary of the Flying Pig and PigAbilities 2023!

As we all look forward to Spring, 2023 will mark a significant year in Cincinnati history. This year marks the...

What are the Consequences of Fast Fashion?
Understand the Thrifting Difference

Donating, thrifting, and being smarter about your clothing choices can fight the heavy cost of fast fashion, and Goodwill can help!

What You Should Know About Working with People with Disabilities

Ohio Valley Goodwill works every day to provide a path to employment for individuals with disabilities. Here’s what you should know about working with people with disabilities.

How Does Organization Reduce Stress?

Ready to take back the power from all the “things” in your life? Ohio Valley Goodwill is here with tips to help you stay organized.

4 Ways to Be More Kind to the Earth in 2023

Want to be more sustainable in 2023? Ohio Valley Goodwill can help! Here's how Goodwill shopping and donating makes a difference.