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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Goodwill: DIY Décor and Party Ideas

Cinco de Mayo is recognized each year on May 5th to commemorate Mexico’s victory in the Battle of Puebla in 1862. In the United States and many parts of the world, May 5th has become an important celebration of Mexican culture and heritage, including traditional food, music, clothing, dancing, and festivities.

No matter your nationality, Cinco de Mayo is a great opportunity to educate yourself and learn more about Mexican culture, history, and rich traditions. We can all take time to get to know the unique backgrounds represented in our own communities, including the contributions of Mexican-Americans!

If you’re interested in a Cinco de Mayo celebration that’s all about cultural appreciation, here are a few tips:

#1: Learn About Mexican History

Before the festivities, take some time to educate yourself and your family on Mexican history and culture. Check out a book on Mexican history from the library, or visit your local Goodwill store to browse our huge selection of books. Another idea is to watch a documentary together. Learning about cultures different from our own is fascinating and helps us better understand events like Cinco de Mayo.

#2: Try Traditional Mexican Foods

Another fun and delicious way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo is to enjoy traditional Mexican food and drinks. Visit or order from a locally-owned Mexican restaurant or try making some Pueblo-style dishes at home such as mole (pronounced moh-lay), a spicy, smoky sauce, or chalupas, fried corn shells topped with salsa, cheese, shredded lettuce, queso fresco, and beans.

green glassware from Goodwill Cincinnati
Green Glassware from Goodwill

#3: Decorate Respectfully

If you’re going to decorate, it’s important to use items that represent Mexican culture. One idea is to use table linens in the colors of the Mexican flag — green, white, and red. Fill mason jars with colorful candies or flowers, which can serve as centerpieces or party favors for guests. If you’re feeling crafty, try making “papel picado,” a traditional Mexican craft made by cutting intricate designs in colorful paper. You can often find these items for less at your nearest Goodwill thrift store!

Happy Cinco de Mayo to All Who Celebrate!

Whether you’re celebrating at school, work, or home, Ohio Valley Goodwill has supplies you can use to create a fun, festive, and respectful party for less! You can often find kitchen tools, table settings, jars and decorative dishes, and craft supplies at amazingly affordable prices.

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