Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries
Serving Greater Cincinnati

President's Message

As we begin a New Year, Ohio Valley Goodwill looks forward to a year filled with opportunity, renewal and optimism. As an organization, we are so grateful for the support of our team members, community partners, friends and program participants in overcoming the challenges experienced by all over the past two years. Thanks to our loyal shoppers and outstanding retail team, our network of stores continue to generate the vital revenue needed to operate our award-winning programs and services. We are also grateful to our generous donors who continue to give to support our mission and make it possible for Ohio Valley Goodwill to serve the urgent needs of the Greater Cincinnati community. 

Thanks to everyone’s on-going support, the organization has managed to recover to a large extent but know that we will need to be ready to address future challenges. Most importantly, we value and celebrate our program participants, community partners, professional staff team, families and others who are the reason that Ohio Valley Goodwill has been dedicated to the mission of helping people to get jobs and experience personal success in the Greater Cincinnati community for 106 years.  

In a fitting tribute to the beginning of a New Year, Ohio Valley Goodwill is pleased to present its newly re-designed corporate website, www.cincinnatigoodwill.org, which will welcome interested visitors in all business categories- whether they are interested in our Employment, Training or Adult Day opportunities, our services for Veterans or just finding one of our 19 stores or donation centers, the newly re-designed website will make their visit accessible, welcoming and helpful regardless of the information they seek. 

While we look to the New Year with a positive outlook and renewed commitment to our now, 106 year old mission of helping individuals achieve personal success, we will also be ready to pivot as needed to meet new challenges. It is only by working together with a shared commitment to helping people to obtain employment and supporting critical social enterprises like Ohio Valley Goodwill, that our larger community prospers and the individuals we serve benefit. 

Thank you for your on-going commitment to Ohio Valley Goodwill and our mission of service. We are grateful to all of you.


Joseph S. Byrum, President and CEO