President’s Message

President Joseph Byrum

As we begin a New Year, Ohio Valley Goodwill looks forward to the new opportunities which will be presented as well as a chance to reflect on our past history of success. For more than a century, Goodwill has helped tens of thousands of people with disabilities and our nation’s veterans to get jobs in our community. Through our award-winning training programs and employment services, thousands of our local citizens, have been helped to achieve both personal and employment success.

The past year also welcomed a new retail store into our network of Greater Cincinnati locations, becoming the 18th store in the area. Located in the community of Hamilton, Ohio Valley Goodwill was proud to celebrate the Grand Opening of the new location with shoppers in the Butler County region. The proceeds generated through our network of retail stores provides more than 60% of the operating revenue needed to provide our vital employment and enrichment programs for the individuals we serve.

Last year alone, more than 3,500 individuals received skill training, career development, job placement and life enrichment opportunities as well as the support needed to be fully integrated in their home communities.  With the start of a New Year, we recognize that while the past year was very positive for Goodwill as we helped almost a thousand individuals- people with disabilities as well as our nation’s veterans to obtain employment and personal success- 2019 will present both opportunities and challenges to our continued mission of putting people to work.

In addition, the organization also takes great pride in its commitment to environmental preservation and responsible recycling. 2019 will mark the first year that Ohio Valley Goodwill will present all of its corporate communications in a digital format and is excited about the opportunity to engage new friends and supporters. Thanks to generous community donations this past year, Goodwill was able to help recycle more than 55,000,000 pounds of donated materials last year, diverting them from area landfills. This includes clothing, hard goods, cardboard, steel, electronic equipment and office paper. This environmental sustainability effort is only possible through the on-going collaboration with the Greater Cincinnati community and we are grateful for the support.

For more than a century, Ohio Valley Goodwill has dedicated itself to helping individuals to obtain community employment. At the same time, we have also developed our services to reflect the needs and wishes of our local community. We are very proud of our award-winning services which are designed to be choice-driven and responsive to the desires of the individuals that we serve. We take great pride in celebrating the personal success of these brave men and women.

As we move into a New Year, Ohio Valley Goodwill is committed to continuing to help individuals to achieve personal success.  We look forward to working collaboratively with our partners, our families, and all of you to maintain our proud history of service and to put people to work.

Please join Ohio Valley Goodwill in helping put people to work in this New Year!


Joseph S. Byrum, President and CEO





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