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May is Military Appreciation Month: How Goodwill Supports Veterans

May is National Military Appreciation Month, serving as a reminder of the many contributions and sacrifices made by members of the armed forces, past and present. It’s a chance to publicly show our respect and appreciation for the military community, including military families.

At Ohio Valley Goodwill, supporting those who have served our country is core to our mission. We have several programs and services to help veterans achieve self-sufficiency and community inclusion through the power of work, including:

#1: Housing Services for Veterans

It’s estimated that over 600 veterans in Ohio experience homelessness. Ohio Valley Goodwill is on a mission to help change that. Through specialized service programs, we can help eligible veterans experiencing homelessness locate safe and affordable housing. As you’ll read below, we also work one-on-one with veterans to help them become ready to find and sustain permanent housing.

#2: Veteran Employment Services

Everything we do at Goodwill is designed to help people empower themselves through the power of work. We’re committed to helping unemployed and unhoused veterans gain the skills, knowledge, and resources needed to find, obtain, and retain meaningful employment.

Through job skills training, career exploration, resume help, and more, Ohio Valley Goodwill helps local veterans prepare for their next opportunities and enter the workforce with confidence.  

#3: Life Skills Beyond Employment

Many unhoused veterans also need help with other life skills to get back to employment and independent living, such as time and money management, health care training, problem-solving, home maintenance and safety training, and even nutritional guidance.

The veterans we serve are assigned a case manager who provides assistance in all aspects of helping the veteran rejoin their community as a fully integrated member. The ultimate goal is to help veterans achieve the self-sufficiency needed to integrate successfully into their communities.

Connecting Veterans to Additional Services

In addition to these services and programs, Ohio Valley Goodwill works to connect the veterans we serve to many additional services in the community. We want to ensure veterans are fully supported and know where to access the services they need, when they need them.

How Can You Help Veterans in Your Community?

Did you know that by shopping at Goodwill’s retail stores and donating your gently-used items to Goodwill, you’re supporting these life-changing programs and services for veterans? It’s that easy — and you can show your appreciation all year round. We thank you for choosing Ohio Valley Goodwill!

Please note that veterans interested in Goodwill programs and services must be referred by a Goodwill partner organization such as the Veterans Administration.