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Leave a Legacy

Making a connection. That’s what leaving a legacy is all about. When you leave a legacy to Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries, you are making a lasting connection between yourself and the lives of untold hundreds – or even thousands – who will benefit from your generosity and foresight in the future. You are making an enduring connection to those things that matter most to you, and you are ensuring their vitality for decades to come. You are leaving something of yourself, your spirit of giving and a legacy that will likely inspire others to do the same in their own lifetimes as well.

Making a planned gift isn’t at all complicated. In fact, it’s easy. There are many options to consider, including those that provide immediate tax and income benefits to the donor. Your own financial planner, insurance professional, attorney or estate planning professional can advise you on the planned giving options that are right for you. Indeed, leaving a legacy is about making a permanent connection…and an amazing difference in the lives that follow. For more information, email Mike Speed, Chief Financial Officer, or call (513) 771-4800, ext. 6246.

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