Bridging the Digital Divide with Computer Training

In today’s digital world, computer skills are an essential requirement for many jobs. Especially in office work, job applicants need to be proficient in email, word processors, spreadsheet programs, and other software.

Some non-office jobs require digital skills, too. Positions ranging from cashiers to restaurant servers to factory employees often require knowledge of the basics of operating computer systems and inputting data.

Unfortunately, millions of Americans don’t have access to a computer or internet connection, or lack the digital skills training to use these technologies. This “digital divide” means there are many people who are being left out of potential opportunities for work and learning.

At Ohio Valley Goodwill, we believe in promoting digital inclusion and helping individuals overcome barriers to employment. Here are some of the ways Ohio Valley Goodwill’s vocational programs and services are helping job seekers gain computer confidence and work readiness skills:

Basic office procedures

Through Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Office Procedures and Computer Technology program, job seekers receive training in the knowledge and abilities needed to succeed in a modern workspace or post-secondary institution. This includes learning “hard skills” — basic computer operations including Microsoft 2019 and keyboarding. These computer skills are supported by training in “soft skills” such as punctuality, enthusiasm, customer service, and teamwork.

Job coach with young job seeker

Goodwill provides job skills training and support!

Digital literacy

Digital literacy goes beyond basic computer skills to encompass internet use and activity, which is necessary for many occupations. At Ohio Valley Goodwill, we understand how important it is that job seekers understand how to use the internet for research and learning, as well as online safety to protect their privacy and personal information. 

Job searching

With most job postings listed online, today’s applicants need to know how to use computers and the internet to search and apply for positions online. Ohio Valley Goodwill provides specialized training to help job seekers with disabilities and other barriers to employment gain the knowledge and skills they need to begin a computer-based job search. Individuals work one-on-one with Employment Specialists and independently during the training. Ohio Valley Goodwill also provides vocational programs and services, including career development, resume building, application help, interview preparation, and worksite support services.

In order to access any digital literacy or job search training programs, an individual will need a referral from a funding agency.

Ohio Valley Goodwill has been putting people to work in Greater Cincinnati for 100+ years! We’re committed to meeting the diverse needs of job seekers with disabilities and veterans, offering quality vocational services and training programs tailored for the modern workforce.

Through the shopping and donation support of community members like you, Ohio Valley Goodwill helps individuals with disabilities and veterans gain the self-sufficiency, community inclusion, and confidence that comes with meaningful employment. Every time you shop at a Goodwill retail store or donate to Goodwill, you help make Goodwill’s life-changing programs and services possible! Read our Success Stories to learn more about the positive impact of Ohio Valley Goodwill’s mission.