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3 Secrets to Becoming a Top Trick-or-Treat Stop in Your Neighborhood

You have the candy. You might even plan to put it in a bubbly, black cauldron for that extra witchy wonder. But what’s the key to luring children to your yard on their trick-or-treating trek for Halloween? You’ve got to get ghoulish!

Here are three spooktacular secrets that will make you the top stop for trick-or-treaters!

#1: Establish an Eerie Entry: ” Welcome, my pretties!”

We’ll start with the obvious. Whether you choose a cute, funny, or creepy Halloween style, your front door and the entryway to your home are the crown jewel of your spooky setting. You could find festive pre-made wreaths at craft or home goods stores, but it’s fun and resourceful to shop at Goodwill and make your own!

It’s easy to turn your front porch or entryway into a haunt that will make your guests howl, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to catch the attention of your moonlight visitors. Search the aisles of your nearest Goodwill thrift store for vintage decorations, or research DIY ideas you can make using thrifted items.

#2: Set the Spooky Scene: ” There are witches in the air!”

Your festive fright doesn’t have to stop at the front door or entry to your home. Create a ghoulish scene that spills into your front yard to really appeal to the little monsters who’ll be out on Halloween night.

Use thrifted sheets to create ghosts or thrifted clothes to build the bodies of scarecrows or a spooky Halloween scene. Put your imagination to work! You never know what you’ll find when you shop at Goodwill’s retail stores, so keep an eye out for special finds.

Finally, spark the supernatural with a thrifted stereo and some terrifying tunes to thrill all the senses of your trick-or-treaters.

#3: Be the Ghost with the Most: ” It’s showtime!”

Now that your home is perfectly haunted, the final piece is”¦you! Get in the Halloween spirit with a thrifty Goodwill costume of your own. There are dozens of great ideas out there for creating characters out of thrifted items you can find at Goodwill.

We’ve already put together 10 quick thrifted Halloween costume ideas for you!

With these three easy steps, your shrieking shack will bubble up to the top of the favorites list for candy-hungry goblins!

Get started by finding your closest Goodwill thrift store. You’ll find everything you need for a haunted Halloween “” and have enough left in your budget for plenty of sweet treats! Best of all, you’ll be helping people in your community find good jobs by supporting Goodwill’s mission. That’s something to feel great about this Halloween season!