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Who Will You Be? 10 Fun and Thrifty Halloween Costume Ideas

Picture this: Your Halloween plans included turning off the porch lights and hunkering down to watch a scary flick””but instead, you got invited to a last-minute Halloween bash. Fun, right? Not if you don’t have a costume in mind!

It’s time to choose your identity and make it happen, but the costume stores are picked over and your creativity is running thin. It’s okay. Ohio Valley Goodwill has you covered with Halloween costumes for the entire family!

Quick and Easy Thrifted Halloween Costumes

Here are ten quick and easy costume ideas that you can create just by shopping the aisles of your nearest Ohio Valley Goodwill thrift store!

#1 Where’s Waldo?: This simple costume idea comes down to a couple of iconic pieces: a red and white horizontally striped sweater, and a red and white stocking cap. If you can’t find these pieces with the right pattern at your Goodwill store, opt for red knits and masking tape. Add a pair of blue jeans, some round, black-rimmed glasses, and a cane, and you’ll stand out from the crowd this Halloween!

Goodwill Halloween costume two Despicable Henchmen costumes
Goodwill Halloween costume two Despicable Henchmen costumes

#2 “Despicable” Henchmen: Our next costume idea is adorable for kids and adults alike. Mimic these lovable yellow movie characters with a pair of denim overalls, a yellow long-sleeve shirt, and a yellow stocking cap. If you can find your old goggles from chemistry class, your thrifted costume will be complete!

#3 Doctor: This costume couldn’t be any easier. Look for a pair of scrubs at your nearest Goodwill thrift store and add a stethoscope. The doctor is in!

Zombie costumes from Goodwill
Zombie costumes from Goodwill

#4 Resurrected Prom Royalty: Any thrifted formal wear can make the perfect hair-raising Halloween costume. Rough up the clothing and add some dirt, then create a sash out of thick ribbon. If you want to up the gore factor, add a splash of fake blood.

Farmer kids' costume from Goodwill

#5 Farmer: A good pair of denim overalls, a flannel shirt, and a straw hat is all you need to look like you just came in from the fields at harvest time. Extra points for patches on your knees and a sturdy pair of boots!

#6 Cowboy/Cowgirl: You’ll look like you just rode into town with only a few thrifted pieces! Look for items like leather vests, dark chambray shirts, or khaki colored shirt-jackets. Pair them with a western hat, a pair of boots, and a bandana.

#7 Mime: Thrift a black and white striped shirt, black slacks, and a pair of suspenders for this simple costume. Add some white face paint, a beret, and a pair of white gloves. If you hate small talk at parties, this is the costume for you!

#8 Rosie the Riveter: This historical symbol of a strong woman is a Halloween favorite. Look for a chambray shirt and a red bandana, then add red lipstick and jeans. We (or you) can do it!

#9 A Test-Ready Pencil: This thrifted costume idea would be perfect for a teacher or a writer. Pair a yellow dress or yellow top and pants with an old birthday party hat ““ the pointed kind! Cover the hat with beige craft paper, then cut a smaller piece of black construction paper to wrap the very tip. Now you’re ready to tackle any test!

#10 Librarian: Our 10th and final thrifted costume idea is long overdue. To become a quiet librarian this Halloween, look for modest pieces like cardigans, buttoned blouses, and long skirts. Add a pair of dark-rimmed glasses and a good book, but leave the shushing at home. It’s a party, after all!

Get Your Spooks at Goodwill Thrift Stores

Halloween is the perfect time to stop by an Ohio Valley Goodwill thrift store. You’ll save big on this year’s costumes, score something unique for your next Halloween party, and support job seekers in your community!

Every day, Goodwill organizations place 340 people in Good Jobs!
Every day, Goodwill organizations place 340 people in Good Jobs!

Find the Goodwill store nearest you and start combing the aisles for everything you need to create your favorite look listed above!