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Your Guide to Sustainable Spring Shopping

Dreaming of a fresh spring wardrobe but don’t want to participate in the overconsumption of new clothing? Ohio Valley Goodwill has you covered!

With fashion taking a heavy toll on the environment, it’s more important than ever to think carefully about the sustainability of our clothing choices. We only get one Earth, after all! When you thrift shop at Goodwill, you’re making a more eco-friendly choice and doing your part for the planet. 

Ready to get started? Follow these ” dos and don’ts” to make your spring shopping more sustainable:

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Sustainability at Goodwill!

Do: Shop for Durable Pieces

It’s an unfortunate fact that not all clothing is made to last. ” Fast fashion” clothing actually falls apart quickly, so you’ll have to buy more! If you want your wardrobe to be as sustainable as possible, be choosy about your fabrics. Look for cotton, linen, and other natural fabrics that can stand up to repeated wear and washes. As a bonus, these fabrics are breezy and breathable for warm weather!

Don’t: Pay Full Price for Trends

It’s easy to get caught up in the latest spring trends you see on social media. But remember, the whole point of trends is that they don’t stick around forever! To save money and avoid creating waste, try to recreate the latest trends using thrifted finds. You might be surprised what you find for less at your local Cincinnati Goodwill store!

Do: Express Your Creativity

The best part of thrift shopping is creating unique outfits with pieces you couldn’t find anywhere else. Don’t be shy about mixing patterns and colors to find your style. It’s freeing to think outside the box and come up with a new way to express yourself through fashion!

Don’t: Limit Yourself to One Section

Shopping in different sections of your local Cincinnati Goodwill store can open up your options to some awesome finds! Check out the men’s section for clothing you can repurpose or even the children’s section for fun accessories. How about an oversized Hawaiian shirt or an adorable bucket hat for spring? Bending the ” rules” of fashion is part of the thrill of thrift shopping at Goodwill!

Outside of Goodwill Store
Outside of Goodwill Store

Do: Come Back Often!

Because thrift stores like Goodwill receive fresh donations every day, you never know what you might find from one day to the next. Keep coming back and trying different stores to see what’s new. Every time you do, you’ll be supporting Goodwill’s mission to change lives through the power of work!

Don’t: Forget to Donate What You Don’t Need

As you’re shopping for spring fashions at Goodwill, don’t forget to clear out some space in your closet for your new finds by donating anything you don’t need to Goodwill. You’ll avoid closet clutter and ensure reusable items find a home with someone else in your community. If you want to really save space, try the ” one in, one out rule.” Now that’s sustainable shopping!

Find a Cincinnati-Area Goodwill Store Near You

Shop sustainably at Goodwill this spring! With 19 retail stores in the Greater Cincinnati area, Ohio Valley Goodwill is your go-to for sustainable, affordable secondhand shopping. By offering everyday low prices on gently-used clothing, shoes, accessories, and home goods, Goodwill helps you save money while helping the planet!

Most importantly, every purchase you make at Ohio Valley Goodwill furthers our mission to provide meaningful vocational skills training and employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities and our nation’s veterans. We appreciate your shopping support this spring!