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Fox 19 Now Covers Story of Goodwill Give Back Box Platform Donation Success!


Fox 19 Now Reporter with Vanessa Cornett, Goodwill

Fox 19 Now Reporter with Vanessa Cornett, Goodwill

Despite snowy conditions, Fox 19 Now reporter Amber Jayanth, made her way to Ohio Valley Goodwill’s corporate headquarters on Thursday, January 5th to share the story of the national Give Back Box donation effort. Goodwill is partnering with leading retailers to make it easy for online shoppers to reuse, repurpose and recycle textiles and clothing this holiday season and throughout the year. Launched one year ago, in time for Cyber Monday, the Give Back Box platform leverages e-commerce to allow people to donate items in a unique and convenient way, without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

Goodwill Donation Supervisor, Vanessa Cornett explained how the Give Back Box platform has been working locally in supporting Ohio Valley Goodwill. “Right now, Goodwill is receiving an average of 20 to 30 Give Back Boxes per day with wonderful donations,” said Cornett. “As you may be aware, donations to Goodwill are the lifeblood of our organization, helping to fund our employment and training programs for people with disabilities and our nation’s veterans. The Give Back Box platform not only helps with that mission but also supports our long-time recycling efforts,” added Cornett.

The way the Give Back Box platform is as easy as 1-2-3:give-back-box-artwork-2016

1) When you receive goods that you purchase online — simply open and unpack new merchandise. Visit www.givebackbox.com to print a prepaid mailing label.
2) Pack that same box with clothing, small household items and accessories that you no longer need.
3) Attach the prepaid Give Back Box shipping label to the box. You can either drop off the box at a local UPS store or leave the box at your door for pickup by USPS to complete your donation to your nearest Goodwill organization.

As with all items donated to Goodwill, donations made through Give Back Box will create jobs and transform lives by supporting Goodwill’s mission of providing employment placement, job training, skills building and other support services in local communities. In addition, donating through Give Back Box helps divert cardboard, the largest contributor to landfills. Since Give Back Box launched nationally, more than 16,400 boxes have been given a second life (boxes shipped); and more than 197,200 pounds of items have been diverted from landfills. Locally, last year alone, Ohio Valley Goodwill helped to recycle and divert more than 49,000,000 lbs. of donated product.

Ohio Valley Goodwill is grateful to Fox 19 Now and reporter, Amber Jayanth, for their coverage of the Give Back Box donation effort. To find out more about the Give Back Box platform, visit www.goodwill.org/givebackbox.