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Why “Going Green” is Great for Business

Shot of a young businesswoman standing in an office

Shot of a young businesswoman standing in an office

One of the top trends in business is the ” Go Green” movement, which encourages business leaders and employees to adopt sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in the workplace. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are making an effort to reduce their negative environmental impact by going green. But beyond the obvious benefits for the environment, the move to go green may, in turn, help businesses save money, gain a competitive edge and attract and retain more customers. Here’s why going green can be great for your business:

Benefit your bottom line

Business leaders are always looking for ways to reduce overhead costs and save money. Adopting environmentally friendly practices in the day-to-day activities of your business is one way to cut costs without making drastic changes. For example, consider installing energy-efficient LED light bulbs to save on your energy bill, or upgrade to an electronic filing system to reduce paper waste. Many businesses have started using recycled or biodegradable materials in their packaging to cut costs and practice sustainability. Making gradual changes can add up to a significant positive impact over time for both the environment and your bottom line.

Attract new customers

More and more customers are embracing the green movement and choosing to support companies with environmentally responsible products, services, and business practices. By implementing eco-friendly practices, your business may be able to attract more customers and boost sales.

Strengthen customer loyalty

Practicing sustainability can also increase loyalty within your existing customer base. Shifting to environmentally-friendly practices can be a powerful way to keep existing customers interested in your brand and encourage them to refer your products or services to others.

Boost employee morale

The next generation of workers, including Millennials and Gen Z-ers, place a high value on environmental sustainability. Many of today’s employees don’t just go to work for a paycheck; they want to work for a purpose. Becoming a more socially responsible company is a smart way to attract top talent and boost morale among current employees.

Is your company ready to make a positive environmental impact by going green? One place to start is by partnering with an organization known for its social responsibility, like Ohio Valley Goodwill! Our Industrial Services Division specializes in providing custom packaging services for businesses in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Indiana. Our business development specialists are happy to help you find ways to incorporate sustainable practices in your packaging strategy, including using recycled materials and reducing waste with custom-made packaging.

When you partner with Ohio Valley Goodwill for your packaging needs, you also become a part of our social mission to put people to work! Your support allows us to provide meaningful employment for individuals with disabilities, helping to strengthen the local community and change lives through the power of work. To learn more about our Industrial Services Division and receive a free tour of our facilities, contact us today.