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A Change for the Better: Why EPS Specialties Enthusiastically Endorses Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries

When your business specializes in custom-designed and manufactured retail elements, it’s a challenge to find a reliable and cost-effective packaging resource. That’s the situation EPS Specialties, Ltd, Inc. experienced for many years—nearly 30, to be exact! During those years, EPS tried various avenues to help them improve their packing operations, to little or no avail.

But, in 2017, the situation changed. According to Art Wilkinson, General Manager of EPS Specialties, that’s when the company first established a working relationship with Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Industrial Services Division. Goodwill’s packaging services team visited the Cincinnati-based manufacturing facility to learn first-hand what EPS’ packing needs were.

Art asked Goodwill to provide a proposal for a test-run of 100 stores, with strict packaging and delivery requirements to be delivered along with competitive pricing. After reviewing Goodwill’s proposal and touring its extensive warehousing and fulfillment facility, Art shook hands with Todd Schreiber at Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries and agreed to the test-run.

As Art describes, the project’s specifications were exacting and covered accepting delivery of kit materials and organizing the materials to create complete kits. It involved packaging and labeling individual materials according to their descriptions and counts. Goodwill’s Industrial Services Division also needed to keep an accurate inventory of the completed kits and kit materials and deliver the materials to requested locations. Additionally, the project required accommodating frequent changes in scheduling, required quantities, and labeling.

According to Art, Goodwill followed through on every single specification EPS required. Today, EPS and Goodwill are still doing business together, with over 2,500 kits packaged and delivered over the past two years. After the first successful project, Goodwill is proud to be assisting EPS with packing elements of another long-term program.

Art says he especially appreciates how easy it is to communicate with Ohio Valley Goodwill via phone or email and the transparency with which Goodwill operates. EPS is welcomed whenever they want to visit the Goodwill facility and review the Industrial Service Division’s work on their projects.

“We were ecstatic after that initial success and have now established a long-term relationship with Goodwill,” Art said. “They have become a very important part of our business plan and have given us the opportunity to expand our retail programs,” he added.

EPS highly recommends Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries as a great partner for any company’s immediate and future needs. How can we help your business grow and be more successful? Contact us to tour our facilities at Ohio Valley Goodwill Industrial Services.