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What’s the Value of Local Outsourcing?

The word ” outsourcing” is often misunderstood. When many people hear it, it’s part of a headline about companies sending jobs overseas. But the truth is, outsourcing work can be a smart business decision and an option that makes a positive impact on your community. You might be asking yourself how that’s possible “” Goodwill makes it possible!

Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Industrial Services Division allows businesses to outsource jobs locally, benefitting people who live right here in the Greater Cincinnati area. Here’s how:

Local Outsourcing Services Make a Local Impact

Moving a portion of your work to a far-away place can mean increased travel time for products, clients, and team members. Plus, the economic benefits are felt far from home. That’s why many leading brands in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Indiana choose to outsource services in Cincinnati by partnering with Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Industrial Services Division. Our professional outsourcing services can provide rapid turnaround, responsive services, and competitive pricing ““ all while keeping jobs local.

Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Industrial Services Division serves a wide range of industries, delivering high-quality work and helping our business partners save time, reduce overhead costs, and improve efficiency. We’re proud to offer assembly and kitting services, fulfillment, and packaging services for companies of all sizes. Do you have an upcoming project? Contact us for a free quote!

Changing Lives Through the Power of Work

When you choose to partner with Goodwill’s Industrial Services Division, you’re directly supporting a large workforce of people with disabilities right here, in Cincinnati.

The diverse and skilled employees who work for Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Industrial Services Division love what they do and take pride in their work. Your partnership provides them a path to success through meaningful employment.

If you’re looking for quality outsourcing services in Cincinnati, reach out to Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Industrial Services Division. Our team will discuss your long-term project and look for ways to help you shorten lead times, improve productivity, and reduce costs. We’re confident that you’ll discover outsourcing with Goodwill is a simple solution to solve your business needs, all while making a difference in the lives of others!