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What to Look for in a Contract Assembly Partner

In today’s fast-paced, competitive business environment, it’s common for companies to leverage the power of outsourcing when taking their products from idea to reality. Using contract assembly services is a popular practice among companies of all sizes who want to focus on product design and development, not necessarily on production.

It’s true “” working with a qualified contract assembly partner can help your business grow while saving time and keeping overhead costs low. Outsourcing is a smart way to improve efficiency within your company so your team can stay focused on core business operations!

Do you need a local contract assembly partner? Here’s what to look for:

  • Ability to scale for any project. One of the biggest reasons to outsource assembly services is to avoid the need to invest in a large warehouse with a production line, assembly equipment, and inventory storage space. That’s why it’s important to find a contract assembly partner that already has an on-site facility with space available for your products!

Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Industrial Services Division has a massive assembly operation with the ability to scale for projects of all sizes. We work with companies of all sizes across a wide range of industries, so we know what to expect!

  • Cost-effective contract assembly. Cost is another critical factor to consider when looking for a contract assembly partner in Cincinnati. You want to find an assembly service that offers highly competitive pricing on contract labor, with no hidden fees or ” middlemen” driving up the labor costs. At Ohio Valley Goodwill, our Industrial Services Division is operated in-house with a large labor pool of skilled employees who love what they do. You can be confident that you’re getting a fair price and a great value on high-quality contract assembly services in Cincinnati.
  • Fast turnaround and on-time delivery. Efficiency matters, no matter the industry you’re in. Choose a contract assembly partner that has a proven record of rapid turnaround and on-time, accurate delivery. Knowing you can trust your contract assembly partner to meet deadlines will give you priceless peace of mind!
  • Experience and reputation. Finally, it pays to find a contract assembly partner that’s backed by years of expertise, with a strong reputation for their services. With over 100 years of service in the community, Ohio Valley Goodwill knows what it takes to build successful partnerships with local businesses and the individuals we serve. You can be confident that we’ll take great care of your assembly needs with the same commitment to quality that underscores our massive donation and retail operations.

Choose Ohio Valley Goodwill for Contract Assembly in Cincinnati!

Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Industrial Services Division is your source for local contract assembly services in Cincinnati! We proudly serve some of the top brands in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Indiana, helping businesses rise to the next level through quality outsourcing.

When you choose to partner with Ohio Valley Goodwill, your company supports our non-profit social mission, contributing to the well-being of individuals with disabilities, veterans, and youth throughout the region. In return, your business will benefit from our economical contract labor solutions and masterful execution of assembly services.

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But don’t just take our word for it “” read the testimonials from our partner businesses to get an idea of the outcomes you can expect when you choose Ohio Valley Goodwill for your outsourcing needs!  

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