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What Do Your Accessories Say About You?

They say accessories can make or break an outfit. While it might not be as dramatic as all that, the style choices you make to compliment your look do say something about who you are! Have you ever wondered how others might perceive your favorite piece of jewelry or handbag? Now’s your chance!

Bracelets & Rings

Bracelets and bangles often signal a creative who’s tuned in to aesthetics. Whether on a man or woman, others often expect someone who wears bracelets to be attentive to unique perspectives and to bring something colorful to a conversation. The same can be said about someone who wears more than a couple of rings, no matter the style.


A bold earring is often a sign of a bigger-than-life personality! There’s no hiding statement earrings. They frame your face and are often first to catch someone’s eye. As a result, this choice isn’t for everyone.

In contrast, choosing understated jewelry, such as dainty hoops or studs, convey simple elegance and a bit of mystery. Small earrings often aren’t seen until light bounces off them; an element of surprise to keep others guessing!

American Flag Hat from Ohio Valley Goodwill
American Flag Hat from Ohio Valley Goodwill


Straw hats, cowboy hats, fedoras, baseball caps, the possibilities are endless! What do all these hats have in common? They’re a sign to those around you that you’re full of adventure! No matter what sort of activity you have in store, you’re prepared to bring the fun.


There are many styles of watches for men and women, but whether your choice is studded with gems or a simple leather-banded piece, watches are a sign that you’re ambitious. People with watches have places to be and they don’t want to be late! Put a watch on your wrist and watch yourself get things done.


The wild card of the accessory world, handbags can send a variety of messages. Simple leather bags can show you’re practical and reliable. Whimsical bags can add an element of fun, and trendy handbags can make you seem more youthful and energetic. Change up your handbag often and keep them guessing!

Stock up on Accessories at Goodwill

Now that you know what your accessories are saying to the world, experiment with different looks! Ohio Valley Goodwill Thrift Stores have plenty of options at great prices.

Remember, when you shop at Goodwill, you’re supporting job skills training and other services that provide life-changing employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. That means no matter which accessories you choose to add to your collection, what they’re really saying about you is that you care for our community.