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Teaming Up with Goodwill Could Be Your Lucky (Tax) Break

Editable-Local-Magazine-7X10-DonateStuffIt is hard to find anyone who has never been to a Goodwill. But did you know that most of what Goodwill does takes place outside of our retail stores? Goodwill takes the stuff that generous community members no longer need, and turns it into job training. That training helps individuals with disabilities and our nation’s veterans get jobs in our community.

Work is empowering. Work helps us participate and interact with the world around us. It makes us part of a living and breathing community. Now imagine you never had that opportunity. Without the job training and door opening partnerships between Goodwill locations and the communities they serve, that could be the case for many individuals with disabilities. Goodwill turns donations into training and job opportunities for individuals who are ready to  obtain the personal success  that only work can provide. For almost 100 years Ohio Valley Goodwill has been providing that important mission in the Greater Cincinnati community and we know that the individuals we serve are more than ready to go to work  but we need the on-going support of our local community.

When you partner with Goodwill and hire participants in the Ohio Valley Goodwill Employment Services Program, you get more than a qualified employee. You get the chance to employ someone who truly values their job and the satisfaction of knowing you have invested in  our local community in a tangible way. The benefits go beyond improving your business’ “second bottom-line” by creating social good. It is also possible your new employee can help your business qualify for tax incentives like the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.

From the Tax Benefits Page of our Employment Services site:

The Work Opportunity Credit provides eligible employers with a tax credit up to 40 percent of the first $6,000 of first-year wages of a new employee if the employee is part of a ” targeted group.” An employee with a disability is one of the targeted groups for the Work Opportunity Credit, provided the appropriate government agencies have certified the employee as disabled. The credit is available to the employer once the employee has worked for at least 120 hours or 90 days.

Interested in learning more about how Goodwill turns your clothes donation and other “stuff” into jobs? Check out this video from the Ad Council:

To find out more about working with Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Employment Services team members, visit www.goodwillemploymentservices.com or contact: Aimee Rittner, Asst. Director  at (513) 771-4800, ext. 6213.