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Wave Your Stars and Stripes for Flag Day!

Did you know the United States approved its national flag design in 1777? The stars and stripes have been flying high ever since, although now with more stars! To celebrate, we designate June 14th as Flag Day, a day to recognize the anniversary of ” Old Glory” being named our official flag.

The holiday was established in 1916 by President Woodrow Wilson. While it’s not a national holiday, local communities often observe Flag Day with parades and other patriotic events. If you’ve never celebrated this holiday before, look no further than Ohio Valley Goodwill for ways to go red, white, and blue in observance!

Dress the Part

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Clothing from Goodwill
Blue fabric from Goodwill
Blue fabric from Goodwill

Thrifting holiday-inspired outfits is the smartest way to celebrate each year. You often don’t want to wear a festive outfit more than once, and thrifting is much less expensive than buying new. Plus, you can donate the gently-used clothes back to Goodwill after your party!

Shop at Goodwill in Cincinnati for red, white, and blue summer outfits that can do double-duty for the Fourth of July. Look for solid colored pieces to mix and match, or you might even find shirts or accessories with the flag pattern right on them for the whole family. It doesn’t get any easier!

Festive Decorations

Colorful wreath from Goodwill
Colorful wreath from Goodwill

You don’t have to host a party to decorate for Flag Day. In fact, you could even get in the spirit now, then keep your patriotic flair on display all summer long.

The best part of the house to carry out a theme is the front porch, since that’s where you welcome guests into your home. Shop at Goodwill for outdoor cushions or throw pillows with a stars and stripes theme that could dress up patio chairs. You could also repurpose a wreath from Goodwill or use red, white, and blue fabric to create a sash for the top of your door or across your porch railing. Another idea is to add a star design to glass jars and fill them with mini flags or battery-operated votive candles. To top off your seasonal look, don’t forget to fly the Stars and Stripes themselves!

Celebrate Summer at Goodwill!

Summer is the perfect season to celebrate all things red, white, and blue, and Goodwill is the perfect place to look for inspirational patriotic pieces. When you choose to buy secondhand goods from Ohio Valley Goodwill, you’re choosing a sustainable option that supports educational and vocational programs, job training, and housing assistance programs for neighbors in need “” including local veterans experiencing homelessness. Now that’s a very good thing!

Store shelves at Goodwill
Store shelves at Goodwill

Are you ready to celebrate? Shop at your nearest Ohio Valley Goodwill store for everything you need to observe Flag Day (and July 4th) this year!