Upgrade Your Vehicle and Donate Your Old Car to Goodwill

Are you thinking about replacing your current car with a new (or new-to-you) vehicle? Whether you need a larger vehicle for your growing family or you’re just ready for a change, it’s exciting to upgrade.

When you’re ready for a new set of wheels, you’ll also have to decide what to do with your old vehicle. Should you sell it private-party? Trade it in at a dealership? Donate it to charity? One thing’s for sure: your old car doesn’t need to be an eyesore that just sits in your garage or driveway. You have options!

Chevy Impala at Goodwill Auto Auction

Chevy Impala at Goodwill Auto Auction

Here’s an overview of what you can do with your old car when it’s time to upgrade to a new one:

Sell your car privately

Many people choose to sell their old vehicles privately, but be prepared — this option can be a big undertaking. It takes a lot of time to photograph your car, write a detailed description, and list it online or in a classified ad. Then, you’ll have to field calls and emails from strangers asking about your vehicle. After arranging meet-ups and showing your vehicle to potential buyers, you’ll have to negotiate the price, settle on a deal, and complete a stack of paperwork before you can finally hand over the keys. As you can imagine, it can take weeks and sometimes months to sell a car privately.

If you want to avoid these time-consuming tasks, consider donating your car to Goodwill instead. It takes just a few minutes to fill out a donation form and arrange a vehicle donation to Goodwill. If your vehicle isn’t road-worthy, don’t worry! Goodwill can tow your car for FREE! We make the car donation process as fast and easy as possible. All you need to do is contact us, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Trade your car in at a dealership

Planning on replacing your old vehicle with a new or used car? Trading in your old ride to the dealership can be a convenient solution, but you might not get significant savings on your next car. The offer you receive depends on the condition of your car, its resell value, and whether or not the dealer has similar cars in their lot already. Some dealers won’t even accept vehicles if they don’t meet certain standards.

Instead of trading in, donate your old car to Goodwill! We have multiple designated drop-sites located in and around Greater Cincinnati, including six citywide Superior Automotive Group, Mike Albert Direct locations. At these convenient drop sites, you can drop off vehicles that may be eligible for a tax donation, and also receive a substantial discount on a new or used vehicle purchase. As a service to our community, vehicle donations will be accepted regardless of vehicle purchase.

Donate a car, change a life

Donate a car, change a life

The choice is easy: Donate your car to Goodwill!

Avoid the hassles of selling or trading in your car and donate it to Goodwill instead! Ohio Valley Goodwill accepts donations of cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, and even boats in any condition.

Unlike some auto auctions, the Ohio Valley Goodwill weekly auto auction is completely owned and operated in house, meaning there’s no for-profit middleman taking a portion of the proceeds generated by your vehicle donation. When you donate a car in Cincinnati to Ohio Valley Goodwill, you can be confident that your donation is being put to good use right here in the community.

Another great reason to donate a car to Goodwill? You could be eligible for a tax advantage! Donating a car to charity creates a big impact on communities in Cincinnati, the kind of good impact that the IRS wants to encourage. When you donate a car to Goodwill, the IRS may allow you to claim a tax deduction for your donation. Visit the IRS website for more information.

What happens after I donate my car to Goodwill?

After Ohio Valley Goodwill receives your vehicle donation, we prepare it for resale in our weekly auto auction. Then, the proceeds raised from the sale of your vehicle help to support Goodwill’s life-changing community programs for individuals with disabilities. You’ll get a tax receipt for your donation and free up more space in your garage for your next set of wheels — it’s a win-win!

Donate a car to Goodwill today and help change lives in your community! Please contact us today to get started.