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Try These Goodwill ‘Upcycle’ Ideas This Spring!

Looking for ways to freshen up your home décor this spring? We have a few sustainable ideas that will also save you money!

For a wealth of upcycling options for your home, look no further than Ohio Valley Goodwill thrift stores. You don’t have to be crafty to create something new out of a thrift store find. Check out these simple Goodwill upcycle ideas that will give your home decor a fresh look with very little work:

#1. Trays to Menu Boards

Spice up your kitchen and keep the family organized with a new menu board! Find an old tray at Goodwill, and paint the center with chalkboard paint to create a decorative chalkboard to hang on the wall. Write out the family dinner menu on the board each week, and you’ll avoid answering “What’s for dinner?” multiple times!

#2. Frames to a Gallery Wall

Ohio Valley Goodwill thrift stores are the perfect place to find unique picture frames in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Either use them to frame new artwork, or create a full gallery wall in your home. Use the most interesting frames completely empty to create a unique gallery look, or add embellishments to create a one-of-a-kind ‘wreath’ for your front door!

#3. Refreshed Lamps

Lamps can be surprisingly expensive. When you thrift table and floor lamps, you can get more for your money! A simple swap of the lampshade can give the lamp a whole new look that fits your personal style and illuminates your space.

#4. Baskets to Planters

Thrifted baskets can be easily converted into planters with the addition of a plastic liner found at any hardware store. For a more elevated look, spray paint the basket a neutral color!

Goodwill Offers Endless Possibilities!

These tips are just the start of the many ways you can turn a thrift store find into a something new for your home. Upcycling is not only sustainable, it’s affordable, and is an easy way to create something unique that’s entirely YOU.

Find your nearest Ohio Valley Goodwill thrift store and let your imagination guide you. Remember, new items arrive nearly every day, so the best way to snap up the greatest finds is to come back often.

Best of all, every purchase you make at Goodwill supports job training and employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities and local veterans. You can feel great about shopping with a purpose and helping others in your community!