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Tuesday, November 15th is America Recycles Day and Goodwill is Ready to Help!

america-recycles-dayTuesday, November 15th is the official celebration of “America Recycles Day,” an initiative of Keep America Beautiful. The effort is around increasing awareness about the urgent need to recycle appropriately and help to preserve our planet. This year, in particular, America Recycles Day is trying to draw attention to the importance of electronics recycling. As noted on their website, “there is an urgent and growing need to increase awareness and expand recycling efforts in the area of electronics. In the U.S., more than 80 percent of electronics that are no longer in use are currently stockpiled in homes and businesses.”

Fortunately, Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries has 33 Attended Donation Centers located throughout the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana area where electronic donations are gratefully accepted everyday. Working in partnership with Cohen Electronics Recycling; an R2 certified recycler, Goodwill helped to recycle more than 154,000 pounds of electronic equipment last year. Overall, Goodwill diverted more than 49,000,000 pounds of donated materials from area landfills including textiles, hard goods, cardboard and office paper along with electronic materials. For more information about Cohen Electronics Recycling, visit http://www.cohenusa.com/electronics-recycling/certifications.

Just last month, Ohio Valley Goodwill made it more convenient for donors in the Northern Kentucky area to recycle responsibly by opening a new Attended Donation Center in the Union area. Located at 9990 Old Union Road, in Union Kentucky the new Goodwill donation site is open Sunday thru Saturday, from 9:00 am until 6 pm. For a complete list of all 33 Goodwill Donation Centers in the Greater Cincinnati area, please visit www.cincinnatigoodwill.org/donate.

The issue of the importance of responsible electronics recycling is explained in more detail on the America Recycles Day website. To find out more about this critical recycling issue, please visit https://americarecyclesday.org/.

Ohio Valley Goodwill is proud of its 100 year history of environmental stewardship and helping to encourage responsible recycling. Please donate your electronic items to Goodwill on November 15th “America Recycles Day” as well as everyday. Please note that while we gratefully accept most electronic donations, we no longer accept tube style televisions or CRT monitors. Thank you Greater Cincinnati for doing your part to keep America beautiful and recycle responsibly with Goodwill!