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Too Many Toys? Toss the Clutter for a Clean Start!

Doll clothes, board games, and building blocks, oh my! Did the holidays bring a truckload of new trinkets into your home? If you’ve had it up to your forehead with unorganized chaos, here are some tips for a clean sweep after the holidays.

Make Your Own List

Start your post-holiday purge by making a list of the gifts your family received for the holidays. (Or just use Santa’s list!) Did those gifted items create redundancies in your home? For example, if you were gifted a fancy new blender, do you really need to keep the old one in your cabinet? Create a second column for the old blender and any other duplicate items that are ready for a new home.

Once your list is complete, gather up those goods and donate them to your nearest Goodwill in Cincinnati!

Get the Kids Involved

Kids’ toys definitely have a magical quality “” they seem to multiply every few weeks! If your children were lucky enough to unwrap new playthings this holiday season, invite them in on the task of choosing what old toys are better suited for donation.

Help your little ones choose different areas of their rooms or play areas for decluttering, and explain how their donated toys will bring joy to other kids in their community. Small children often change their minds about giving up toys when they know the donation will be loved by another child. If they’re having trouble choosing something to let go of, remind them of all the shiny new gifts that need attention. It’s a good reminder that we truly only need so many things!

Donate and Make a Difference Goodwill
Donate and Make a Difference Goodwill

Drop Your Donations Off at Goodwill

Once the whole family has gathered up their donations, the hardest part is behind you. Just find the Ohio Valley Goodwill Donation Center nearest you and pack up the car. When you arrive, you can quickly and easily drop off your donations and receive a tax receipt. You’ll return home feeling good about doing good, with much less stress. Cheers to a successful post-holiday housecleaning!