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Tonya Isaacs celebrates 20 years at Goodwill

Woman smiling wearing a black jacket
Tonya Isaacs

Tonya Isaacs is celebrating her 20th anniversary at Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries and chose to submit her own story about her experience over the past 20 years. 

” I started Goodwill in March of 2001. Darlene O’Hair was my Supervisor. She taught me so much and set me on the right track. When I look back on my years at Goodwill I know some of my successes are owed to her. Michelle Ruschman became my Supervisor in 2013. She is Amazing! I know I couldn’t have made it this far without her. They were both there to support me. Like with any successful employment, you need support. 

I would like to thank Doug Ostholthoff and Steve Koons for stepping up and supporting me a few times also. Goodwill President and CEO Joe Byrum has also shown me support in my 20 years at Goodwill and it is very much appreciated. My reason for working at Goodwill is to work with individuals with disabilities. That is my Purpose! They are the Reason and the Purpose for my 20 years of success! I love my job!”

Tonya is viewed as such a positive member of the Goodwill team. She is always upbeat in her interactions despite all of the challenges currently being faced. She is a staunch advocate for the individuals she works with and always supportive of their needs. Tonya enjoys celebrating people’s successes and is always ready with a smile and words of encouragement.  

” Tonya truly values and appreciates getting to know those that she works with and it is evident when observing her interactions with other Goodwill staff, the individuals that she works with, their families and other team members.  She has always been flexible as it relates to her job and to accomplish an overall goal and that hasn’t been more evident than over the past 2 years!  Tonya goes above and beyond what is needed and she has been a major asset to our Goodwill West program, to me as her Supervisor and to Goodwill overall!  Congratulations Tonya on your 20 years!” – Michelle Ruschman, Supervisor