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6 Organization Tips for the Playroom of Your Dreams!

For parents, the thought of an organized playroom with everything in its place is a fantasy. While the perfect playroom may never become a reality, Ohio Valley Goodwill is happy to help you take a step closer with these six playroom organization tips!

#1: Keep the favorites at eye level. You want kids to be able to access their favorite toys on their own, so be sure to place them where they can be seen and reached. Toys that don’t get much attention or need grown-up help can be placed out of the reach of little hands.

#2: Make things easy to access and easy to put away. Organize toys by type and keep them in storage solutions that make clean-up a breeze. Bins and baskets are perfect because the kids can quickly scoop up their toys and toss them in the bin. Find all sorts of options at a nearby Goodwill thrift store and label them so you never lose track of what goes where!

#3: Choose washable surfaces. From the furniture to the rugs and walls, it’s helpful to find finishes that can be easily wiped down or thrown in the washing machine. Higher gloss paints tend to be easier to clean (think dirty hand prints and non-commissioned crayon murals), and many rugs are now machine washable. You’ll rest easier knowing the playroom can stand up to adventurous little ones!

#4: Opt for open storage. Keeping toys, games, and dress-up clothes visible eliminates the possibility of exploding cabinets and overflowing drawers. Instead, use open shelving, bins, and hooks. Just be sure you’re keeping safety in mind, because kids will climb anything they can!

#5: Less is more. Plan to declutter and reorganize your playroom a couple of times each year. Everything you keep should have a place within the space. Avoid leaving items on surfaces. Anything you don’t need can be donated at a Goodwill Donation Center near you!

#6: Put your custom art on display! You have little artists at home, so instead of buying wall art, use what you already have. They’ll be proud, and you’ll have sweet little reminders of your blossoming creatives. Simply thrift picture frames at your nearby Ohio Valley Goodwill store and remove the existing art to create a gallery wall. Or, consider hanging a chalkboard or whiteboard for interactive décor.

Your new playroom will spark excitement for everyone in the family, and hopefully relieve the stress that comes with too much chaos and clutter. Incorporating items you find at a Goodwill thrift store supports our mission to help individuals with disabilities and others facing barriers to employment find jobs and life-changing fulfillment. Now that’s a very good thing!