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3 Thrifty “Life Hacks” to Make Life Easier

” Life hacks” are ways to save time and make life easier. These creative problem-solving projects are made to help you streamline your daily routine so you can free up more time to spend doing what you really love. Here are some helpful life hacks you can try with a little help from Ohio Valley Goodwill.

Meal prep made easy

Meal prepping is a great way to save time and money. It involves preparing multiple meals at the same time and either refrigerating or freezing them until you’re ready to eat. While it takes some time to prepare the meals all at once, it will save you time throughout the week. Meal prepping can also be budget-friendly; you’ll avoid the temptation of going to a restaurant or getting take out when you know you have a home-cooked meal waiting for you! Once you have done the prep work, you’ll need several storage containers to separate the individual meals. For example, glass mason jars are perfect for storing meals such as salads or overnight oats. At Ohio Valley Goodwill, you can stock up on glass jars and other nifty storage containers for less.Mannequin dressed in gray sweater

” Unshrink” your clothes

There’s nothing worse than realizing you accidentally put one of your favorite clothing items into a hot dryer, causing it to shrink. Luckily, there is a life hack for that! In some cases, you can ” unshrink” your clothing and return it to its original size by soaking it in warm water with a tablespoon of baby shampoo. After the piece of clothing has soaked for 30 minutes, roll it in a towel to remove excess moisture. Then, gently stretch it back to its original shape and use a few heavy books to keep it in place. The soft shampoo should relax the clothing fibers and allow it to return to its proper size. This hack may also work to salvage thrift store clothing that is slightly too small, particularly wool sweaters.


Red Armoire from Ohio Valley Goodwill

Red Armoire

Upcycle old furniture with spray paint

Looking to spruce up your home on a budget? Head to your local Goodwill to shop for gently-used furniture at a fraction of retail store prices! With some sandpaper and a few cans of spray paint, you can quickly and easily transform just about any piece of wooden furniture into something new. You can also use furniture for reinvented purposes. For example, an outdated cabinet can be repurposed as a bar cart by removing the door and adding some wheels. A bookshelf can be turned on its side to serve as an entertainment center. Get creative and use your imagination ““ you never know what hidden treasures you might find when shopping at Goodwill!

Ohio Valley Goodwill is your destination for budget-friendly supplies and materials for just about any DIY project you can imagine. But when you shop at Goodwill, you’re not the only one who gets a great deal. Your purchases help support our life-changing job skills training and employment services for individuals with disabilities and others facing barriers to employment. When you shop at Ohio Valley Goodwill, you’re helping to create jobs and strengthen your community ““ now that’s a good thing!

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