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Thrift the summer trends with Goodwill! 

Summer is coming soon! With a change in weather, you may be getting the urge to update your wardrobe. And since many of us are coming out a pandemic induced fashion haze, it’s hard to know what’s fashionable. Ohio Valley Goodwill is here to help!  

Of course, shopping second hand and vintage is always in style, so if you shop for summer fashion at one of our 19 stores, you’re already one step ahead. We have a weekly 50% off tag sale, so be sure to check here to see the latest.

Here’s a few ideas for what to look for to have an up-to-date summer wardrobe from Goodwill.

Coastal Grandma

This social media style is this summer’s trendiest look. Think of an older women headed to the farmer’s market in a quaint East Coast town as your inspiration. Linen pants, tan flat sandals, neutral colors, unbuttoned white shirts, and straw totes. Don’t forget to check our housewares section for wine glasses (for your chardonnay, obviously) and vases for your fresh flowers. Pro-tip: don’t pass up looking the men’s section for some of these items, especially a white button down and linen pants!

Cottage Core

This trend has been around for a few years but is still very in. Imagine flower covered rolling hills leading to a thatched roof cottage. What would you be wearing? Ruffled dresses, eyelets, rainboots (or wellies if you’re really leaning into this one,) overalls, and gingham prairie dresses. Check our housewares section for a basket that can double as a purse too!  This trend embraces a more sustainable existence, so thrift shopping is perfect for this style. 

Early 2000’s.

Y2K is back! This style embraces a silhouette that is opposite of the skinny jean trends in the 2010’s. Baggier pants, cropped babydoll tops, platform sandals, bike shorts under baggy vintage tees, bedazzled everything and bright colors are what you should be looking for. This look is so easy to put together by thrifting at Ohio Valley Goodwill! Make sure to check our shoe racks for vintage platform soles and chunky sneakers. 

While it is totally fun to add new items to your wardrobe and switch up your style, we also believe the best style is the one you feel most comfortable and confident wearing. So, while these styles are popular right now, don’t hesitate to keep wearing what you love no matter what! 

By choosing to shop at Goodwill, you’re supporting our mission to provide job training and employment support services to individuals with disabilities and our nation’s veterans, empowering them to find meaningful employment within the community.

Plan your next Goodwill shopping trip by finding the Ohio Valley Goodwill store nearest you. Thank you for shopping with us this summer!