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Why Thrift Shopping Can Be Practical and Fun!

One the reasons Goodwill stores were selected as ” Best of Cincinnati” this year is because shoppers know they can find things they need and also, have fun in the hunt. Goodwill stores are fabulous for finding all kinds of everyday and must-have items and at remarkably discounted prices. There’s also something a little special about the thrill of the hunt in a thrift store; something about the joy of discovery and then, coming across that one perfect find that makes it so much fun.

With new inventory coming in every day, the selection at your local Goodwill store is ever-changing and makes shopping even more interesting. A stop at your local Goodwill can be just the place to find those essential home décor pieces, extra wine glasses or cute baby clothes for the newest family addition. The list below is just a few great ideas of what to look for at your local Goodwill- where everything is just so much less.

1. Picture frames in a variety of sizes and perfect for your latest beach vacation photos;

2. Baby clothes- kids grow up so quickly and outgrow their infant and toddler clothing in an eye blink. You can find darling little rompers for $1.00 and outfit your newborn with an entire new wardrobe for less than $20.00!
3. Books: Goodwill has a treasure trove of ” beach reads” for so much less. Books can cost $10 or more at your local drug store and at Goodwill, you can find them for less than a buck! Now, that’s a good deal!
4. Kids Toys: With everything from Teddy bears to Lego houses, you’d be surprised what you can find in pristine shape at your local Goodwill”¦it’s worth a visit to see what’s in.

5. Wine glasses: Goodwill can be the perfect place to stock up on extra wine glasses for your next Summer get-together or family grill out”¦With an ever-changing selection, you can find lovely glasses for much, much less.
6. Holiday decorations: Think Christmas in July and yes, Goodwill is the right place for you! With an assortment of holiday-themed decorations that will work for any occasion, Goodwill stores can be your party place any time of year.

7. Vintage china: It’s amazing the gorgeous china pieces that you can find at your local Goodwill”¦from serving platters to complete sets of beautiful dishes, Goodwill has a variety of lovely pieces for you to discover and claim for your own.
8. Accessories: Whether it’s a chic scarf or just a unique bracelet to finish off your look, Goodwill can be your fashion HQ! With new items coming in every day, you can be sure to find something that will work to complete your fashion statement of the day.

As any good thrift shopper knows, the list of possibilities are endless and the prices really can’t be beat. If you haven’t been on a thrift shopping adventure recently, this Summer might be just the right time for you to check out your local Goodwill. We’ll look forward to seeing you soon! For a complete list of all 17 Goodwill store locations,  visit www.goodwillbargains.com. Happy Thrift Shopping!