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This Labor Day, Appreciate The Importance Of Job Training For All

Do you know the history of Labor Day? Many people understand the holiday’s founders were looking to unify union workers into a stronger group.  But they were also looking for something else””a reduction in work time.

At the time, in the early 1800’s, the working class was toiling 70 hours per week, 7 days a week. That’s a lot of work! Union organizers focused on getting less hours and more days off for their members. Labor Day was one of those days off (totally unpaid at the time) and the notoriety of the holiday helped build the unions’ influence over politicians and business owners.

These early union leaders were obviously successful.  The good news for today’s workers is that we average about 40 hours per week, with a five-day work week being the norm. Quite a dramatic change!

But what about those who want to work, and can’t? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 513,000 disabled people were unemployed last year, or 10% of the potential working population. That compares to only 4.2% of the non-disabled and unemployed.

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Parades and picnics are awesome””so is job opportunity for everyone

On Labor Day, we’re given a day of rest from work to spend fun times with friends and family. But we never forget about the positive benefit that work can provide, especially for those facing barriers to employment. At Goodwill, Labor Day is particularly special because we’re committed to preparing people for the jobs they so want to have.

Ohio Valley Goodwill provides training and employment services to people with disabilities and our nation’s veterans in Cincinnati and surrounding communities. Services include”¦

  • Individualized skill assessments
  • Job skills training programs
  • Soft skills programs
  • Job placement and retention
  • “¦and much more!

Working with both Veterans and individuals with disabilities, Goodwill assists individuals to successfully obtain employment. Our successful work with the people we serve, federal and state agencies and community employers is something we’ve been doing for over 100 years.

We also work to ensure our placements are as successful as possible. We provide onsite job coaches who assist with training and worksite modifications, if necessary, to help the employee be as effective and efficient as possible. Our job coaches allow both company staff and the new employee to fully focus on the job.

Goodwill connects individuals and employers for meaningful work””and you help

Ohio Valley Goodwill is one of the largest training and employment providers for individuals with disabilities and veterans in the State of Ohio. Our extensive network of retail stores, boutiques, and outlet stores helps provide funding for our services. Every time you shop at one of our stores, donate to Goodwill, participate in our car auctions or hire an individual who really wants to work, you help to continue fulfilling our mission.  

Happy Labor Day to all!