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Thank a Teacher with These Creative End-of-Year Gifts!

The school year is nearing an end, and our teachers have earned a special thank-you for all the care and hard work they poured into our students this year. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to express your gratitude. Head to your nearest Cincinnati Goodwill store and get creative, and your child’s thank-you gift will stand out as thoughtful and resourceful!

Here are a few clever ideas:

Thanks for Helping Me GROW Vase

cake stands from goodwill
vases from goodwill

Goodwill’s shelves are often stocked with beautiful vases of all sorts. For this teacher appreciation gift, you don’t need anything fancy. Choose a simple vase from Goodwill that can be spray painted or wrapped with ribbon or yarn. Have your child help decorate the vase using his or her teacher’s favorite colors, then fill the vase with fresh flowers and pair with a nice handwritten thank-you card.

Red striped tote bag from Goodwill

Summer Survival Kit

With summer just around the corner, why not help your student’s teacher prepare for some much-needed rest and relaxation? Shop at Goodwill for a large beach or tote bag, then fill it with all the summer essentials! Consider including a beach towel, sunglasses, and a travel cup with a lid and straw for sipping cool beverages by the pool. You could even thrift beach hats and sandals “” Goodwill has it all! Then, head to the grocery store for a few extras like sunscreen, candy, and lemonade mix. Your student’s teacher will have everything they need to soak up the sun!

Candle in a Teacup

teacup from Goodwill
teacup from Goodwill

This gift is both beautiful and perfect for a quiet, relaxing night at home after the final school bell rings. It’s also simple to create! First, thrift an old teacup and saucer at your closest Goodwill retail store, then hot glue them together. Once the glue has cooled, melt some wax, which can be found at craft stores. You could add essential oils for fragrance, but you don’t have to. Pour the hot wax into the teacup and place a wick, which can also be found at craft stores, into the center of the wax. Let it cool and cut the extra wick. There you have it! A beautiful, handmade candle in a vintage teacup anyone would love.

These thrifted DIY gifts are simple and affordable but also unique and personal. Teachers are creating the leaders of our future and deserve a little pick-me-up. Find your nearest Goodwill store, make one of these gifts, and show your appreciation for all their hard work this school year!