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Take Dad on a Thrifty Outing this Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to honor someone special in your life, but it’s also a chance to create new memories with the guy you call ” dad.” If your dad is hard to buy for, consider an “˜experience’ gift “” one that’s both budget-friendly and meaningful. It’s also what he really wants. According to this poll of dads listing the top things they want for Father’s Day, most dads want a phone call, a big juicy steak, peace and quiet, and a ball game with the family. If that’s true, these ideas will knock it out of the park!

Here are a few ideas for incorporating thrifted finds into the perfect day for you and your dad:

For the Outdoorsy Dad: A Day on the Trails

Casual sneaker from Goodwill
Casual sneaker from Goodwill
Running Shoe from Goodwill
Running Shoe from Goodwill

If you have the kind of dad who likes to get moving, give him the gift of a hike! Shop at Goodwill in Cincinnati for new-to-you hiking gear “” everything from comfy sneakers and breathable shirts to cargo camping pants and a hat to block the sun. When he opens the gift, tell him to get ready to put it to the test because you’re taking him out for a day outside! He’ll love the idea of spending the day doing what he loves with you.

For the Foodie Dad: A Cookout

Maybe your dad’s idea of a good time is centered around grilled food and cold beverages. If so, thrift some grilling gear and put together a gift basket (or thrifted cooler!) that’s full of everything you need to spend the day ” grillin’ and chillin'” together.

Ohio Valley Goodwill is the perfect place to look for spatulas and tongs, as well as serving platters, bottle openers, and maybe even high-tech grill gadgets like digital thermometers. And don’t forget to find a unique apron for dad! He’ll be thankful for the relaxation and the time together.

For the Sports Fan Dad: Watch a Game in Style

This gift idea is for all the dads who can’t miss a game. No matter the sport, look to Goodwill for thrifted hats, t-shirts, or jerseys from his favorite teams, and dress him like the #1 fan he is from head to toe. You can even find fun yard games and sporting goods at Goodwill!

To go with his new team gear, get dad tickets to an upcoming game or make plans to watch the next game with him on TV. He’ll be thrilled about the prospect of welcoming you to his personal cheering section.

Shop at Goodwill for Father’s Day Fun!

These ideas are not only simple and affordable, but they sure beat the standard ” #1 Dad” coffee mug or another tie. (Although, if that’s what your dad is into, you could probably find those at Goodwill too!)

Home sign from Goodwill
Home sign from Goodwill

Visit your nearest Ohio Valley Goodwill store and start shopping for all the things you need to build a memorable experience with dad. Not only will you find some great deals, but your Goodwill purchases will go on to support life-changing vocational services for individuals with disabilities and our nation’s veterans! It’s a wonderful feeling to know you’re helping others while celebrating a special day for dad.