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Style Watch: 4 of This Year’s Hottest Summer Looks

Summer’s here, and the trends for this season are starting to take shape. We’re keeping an eye on what’s hot so you don’t have to, and Ohio Valley Goodwill’s got you covered on affordable ways to try some of this summer’s trends too!

It’s All About Throwing It Back!

Style trends have been heavily vintage in recent years, and this summer is no exception. Get ready to see fashions time warp back to the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s. Here are four hot summer looks to try with your vintage Goodwill finds:

#1. The Boxy Tee

Gone are the fitted t-shirts from a few years ago. This summer we’ll continue to see boxy t-shirts everywhere. Whether cropped or not, look for shirts that fit with some extra breathing room. Ladies might even check out the Goodwill men’s section for roomy finds, including graphic tees!

jewelry from Goodwill

#2. Chunky 80s Jewelry

This summer, make a statement with your jewelry in gold and silver tones. Trend setters are wearing chunky earrings that conjure memories of 1980s pantsuits along with thick bangle bracelets. These pieces are perfect for thrifting – you might even find some high-quality vintage pieces at an area Ohio Valley Goodwill thrift store!

Blue tote bag from Goodwill

#3. Crochet, Mesh & Sheer

Sheer is everywhere. From tops to skirts and everywhere in between. While sheer fabric can be a bold choice even with a camisole or some other covering underneath, there are safer ways to jump on this trend. Instead of see-through sheer fabrics, look for crochet and mesh textures, which are just as trendy, but less revealing. Crochet bags are also a great alternative!

#4. Wedge & Platform Sandals

Sandals are making a statement this summer! Look for slides with thick soles, wedges, and woven platforms. Once again, the 1990s are calling.

This summer’s trends are anything but subtle. If you’re not ready to make a daring style statement this season, don’t worry. Look for ways to incorporate pieces that give a trendy nod instead of shouting from the vintage rooftops. 

Outside of Goodwill Store
Outside of Goodwill Store

Goodwill thrift stores are the best place to score great styles for less this summer. You’ll find plenty of options if you’re looking to try one of these trends, and your purchase supports our mission to provide job-skills training and other important services to individuals right here in our community.

Have some fun with your style and make a difference this summer. Find your nearest Ohio Valley Goodwill thrift store and start shopping!