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Summer Fun Fashion For Less at Goodwill!

After months of quarantine and isolation, we know many of you are ready to get out and look for some fun Summer fashion. We completely understand and fortunately, our newly re-opened and shiny clean retail stores are stocked full of all things flirty, fun and fashion! Whether you’re still planning to stay close to home or venture out for a much-needed date night, our network of retail stores have an amazing selection of fabulous styles to choose from. After all, during the two months we were closed, our generous donors were busy cleaning out their closets and donating all kinds of incredible fashion and our retail teams have it ready for you to check out.

As you prepare for summer fun, you’ll likely find that your family’s wardrobe needs updating. After all, style trends change over time and kids grow out of their clothes in just a few short months. So, where can you find the right summer clothes and accessories quickly”“and for much, much less? The answer is Ohio Valley Goodwill, of course! Here are some summer styles you can find for less on your next Goodwill run:

Sundress from Goodwill

Stock up on sundresses

Sundresses are an easy, versatile look that will never go out of style. Check your local Goodwill store for mini, midi, or maxi-length sundresses that are perfect as beach cover-ups or a night out on the town. With everyday low prices, you can find one (or two or three!) stylish sundresses at Ohio Valley Goodwill without breaking the bank.

Casual summer clothes from Goodwill

Beat the heat with casual shorts

Summertime is a time for activities, and there’s no better way to stay cool in the summer heat than by wearing a pair of lightweight, breathable shorts. The good news is, you can find shorts for the whole family when you shop at Ohio Valley Goodwill! We have shorts for men, women, kids, and teens in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors to keep your crew looking””and feeling””cool all summer long.


Swim Suit from Goodwill

Dive into great deals on swimwear

A swimsuit is a summer necessity, but all too often, we find ourselves spending top dollar for swimwear that only lasts one season. Avoid blowing your budget on a new suit this year and check Ohio Valley Goodwill before hitting the mall! We regularly stock swimsuits ranging from adult to child sizes in our retail stores. If you’re lucky, you might even find a swimsuit that’s in ” new-with-tags” condition. Talk about a great deal!


Protect your eyes with stylish shades and hats

If you’re planning on spending time outside this summer, you’re going to need sun-blocking accessories to protect your skin, hair, and eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Shop at Ohio Valley Goodwill to find stylish sunglasses, hats, and visors for a fraction of traditional retail prices. You’ll feel great knowing that you’re saving money and protecting against too much sun exposure!

Carry it all in an oversized tote

Of course, when you’re headed to the beach or lake, you’re going to need something to carry all your supplies. An oversized tote makes the perfect catch-all for things like towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, keys, books, water bottles, and beach toys! At Ohio Valley Goodwill, we have a selection of fashionable beach  bags and totes that are ideal for storing your summertime supplies.

Prepare for your perfect summer fun on a budget with help from Goodwill! Our stores offer a variety of fashionable clothing and accessories at amazing prices, every day. By choosing to shop at Goodwill, you’re supporting our mission to provide job training and employment support services to individuals with disabilities and our nation’s veteran, empowering them to find meaningful employment within the community. Plus, with all the money you save by shopping for summer supplies at Goodwill, you can treat your family to a nice dinner out or yourself to the special pampering you deserve. It’s a win-win for you and the community!

Plan your next Goodwill shopping trip by finding the  Ohio Valley Goodwill store nearest you. And for more fun style tips from Ohio Valley Goodwill, check out our Fashion Blog. Happy shopping!