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School’s Out! Start Summer on the Right Foot with a Closet Clean-Out!

It’s time to say “goodbye” to school, and “hello” to pool time! Summer is here! But before we can completely relax for the season, we have to face the dreaded closet clean-out. Sure, it’s not the most exhilarating way to start summer, but it certainly pays off! Starting the season with a fresh start is always worth it.

So, how do you get started? Here are a few simple steps for tackling your summer closet purge:

Make the Final Call on Winter Clothes

First, before you unleash your summer wardrobe, now is the time to make decisions on your winter wardrobe. If there were items you decided to keep during the last closet clean-out, this is your chance to decide if you really want to hold on to everything that needs to be stored away while your memory is fresh. Here’s a hint: If you didn’t wear it this winter, it’s time to say goodbye!

women sorting through clothing to donate
Donate to Goodwill!

Start a couple of piles for sorting: One for items you want to keep in storage, and another for items you want to donate to Goodwill. Place the items you’re keeping in an airtight storage container, then clearly mark them with the owner’s name, season, and category of clothing. For example, you might consider storing all sweaters together, and keep another container for winter pants, jackets, and more. Hold tight on that donate pile. It’s about to grow!

Tank Tops, Shorts, and Sandals, Oh My!

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when it’s time to sort and organize the summer items you’ve stored all year long. Have no fear! Approach your sorting by category. Start with tops, then bottoms, dresses, then accessories. You’ll be done in no time!

As you sort through summer items to put back in your closet, pay attention to sizes and styles. Will this item fit you this season? If you’re now wearing a different size, it’s time to let go of any items that no longer fit you. The same idea goes with styles you’re no longer drawn to. Sort those into the donate pile. Don’t bother putting them away if you won’t wear them this summer!

Finally, don’t forget accessories like belts and sunglasses. Start with a clean slate this summer and donate any accessories you know you don’t love. Ask yourself the hard questions, like How often do I actually wear this? Would I miss it if it disappeared today? Is it flattering on me? Does it represent my current style? Sometimes emotions get in the way of parting with something you truly won’t wear again, so try your best to keep things objective.

Donate to Goodwill in Cincinnati!

Looking for a place to donate clothes in Cincinnati? Choose Ohio Valley Goodwill! The best part about donating to Goodwill is that it’s fast, easy, and simple. Once you’ve finished sorting all your items, find a convenient Goodwill Donation Center near you to drop off your donations. We’ll take care of the rest!

goodwill store in cincinnati
Donate to Goodwill!

When you donate to Goodwill, you’ll be hitting the pool this summer with the newfound feeling of freedom knowing your closet isn’t stuffed with clothes you’ll never wear again.

At the same time, you’ll know your donations are making a difference right here in Greater Cincinnati! That’s because Ohio Valley Goodwill transforms your gently-used items into life-changing vocational programs and services for individuals with disabilities and our nation’s veterans. Not to mention, donating to Goodwill instead of throwing away your items is a win for the planet! Every time you donate to Goodwill or shop in one of our retail stores, you’re helping to create jobs, change lives in your community, and support worthwhile sustainability efforts. That’s worth celebrating!