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Style Hacks to Stay Cool This Summer

Summer is all about enjoying the great outdoors. Many of us are looking forward to spending the summer going to backyard barbecues, trips to the lake, weddings, beach vacations, outdoor concerts, and other fun events. But as much as we all love the warm weather, sometimes, being outside in extreme heat and humidity can be downright miserable.

Luckily, you don’t have to let the sweltering summer heat get you down! Check out these savvy style hacks you can use to stay cool all summer long:

Six pairs of summer shorts in different colors from Ohio Valley Goodwill

Summer shorts from Ohio Valley Goodwill

Ditch the denim

Denim is a heavy fabric that can cause discomfort and excess sweating in the heat. Instead of classic denim jeans or shorts, wear natural fabrics, such as cotton or linen. These plant-based fabrics are highly breathable, helping you remain cool and avoid embarrassing sweating.



Black Crossbody purse from Ohio Valley Goodwill

Cross-body purse from Ohio Valley Goodwill

Go hands-free

Instead of carrying a bulky backpack or huge tote bag, opt for a smaller cross-body bag. Not only will this reduce the weight you have to carry (cross-bodies can only handle a few items at a time), but you’ll also free up your hands to carry a nice, cold drink! Check out this great article on our Fashion Blog all about the benefits of cross-body bags.

Multicolored Maxi dress from Ohio Valley Goodwill

Multicolored Maxi dress from Ohio Valley Goodwill

Loosen up

Fitted shirts and skinny jeans are great for fall and winter, but there’s no need to be so constricted in the summer months. Reach for loose-fitting jeans, flowy dresses, and blouses that don’t cling to your body. This will prevent heat from trapping, keeping you comfortable and cool even on the hottest days!

Beat the heat with a bandana

Heading on a hike? Going to an all-day outdoor music festival? Bring along a bandana for a clever and trendy way to keep your cool! Dip the bandana in cold water, wring out the extra water, then tie the bandana around your neck or forehead for instant relief from the heat.

Flip flops from Ohio Valley Goodwill

Flip flops from Ohio Valley Goodwill

Choose open-toed sandals

Summer is a time to let your toes breathe! Instead of socks and closed-toe shoes, reach for open-toed sandals whenever possible. Ohio Valley Goodwill has an incredible selection of flats, high-heels, and wedge sandals that will complement any outfit.

Don’t lose your cool this summer ““ Ohio Valley Goodwill is the place to find all the summer fashions you need at affordable prices you will love! Best of all, the money you spend in Goodwill’s retail stores helps to support our life-changing programs and services for individuals with disabilities and our nation’s veterans. Shopping at Goodwill is retail therapy you can feel great about!


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