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"State Representative Visits Ohio Valley Goodwill"

L to R: Michael Flannery, OVGI, George Palmer, OVGI, State Representative Alicia Reece and Leslie McCurley, OVGI. Ohio Valley Goodwill was delighted to welcome State Representative Alicia Reece of the 33rd Ohio House District to its corporate facility for a tour on Friday, June 1oth.     During the tour, Representative Reece had the opportunity to see many of the vocational training programs in action including Goodwill’s computer training, janitorial and food service programs.  In addition, the Representative was pleased to learn about the organization’s award-winning Center for Advocacy, Education and Recreation (CARE) as well as its many services for individuals with developmental disabilities.  Goodwill’s Job Placement, Coaching support and GoodGuides youth programs were also of interest to the Representative who has not had the opportunity to tour the facility for  several years. Assisting with the tour of the facility and introducing the services to the Representative were Michael Flannery, Goodwill’s Public Information Officer and Leslie McCurley, Assistant Director of Developmental Disabilities Services.   The Representative was impressed with the broad array of programs that Goodwill offers to men and women with disabilities and the support services that are available to individuals that are transitioning into community employment. A highlight of the tour was a visit to Goodwill’s dormitory that provides temporary housing for veterans through the organization’s Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program (HVRP).   The HVRP program has been providing service to veterans since the early 1990’s and last year, over 650 veteran’s were served through this program.   Representative Reece was impressed with the services that this program is offering for our nation’s veterans and the successes that Goodwill has  had  with its  veterans programs through the years.