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Start the New Year Fresh with De-Cluttering Tips from Goodwill!

TETRRF-00022921-001It’s a New Year and as always, one of the most popular New Year resolutions is to get organized. To create that fresh, Zen-like environment in your home, it starts with de-cluttering. It really can be very simple if you just follow a few simple tips:

1.Declutter for 15 minutes every day. It’s amazing how much you can get through if you just do it in small increments like this.
2.Don’t allow things into the house in the first place. The holidays are over…no need to add more stuff!
3.Donate stuff you’re de-cluttering…you won’t believe how good you feel when you drop off your donations to Goodwill!
4.Start at the corner by the door and move your way around the room… every little bit helps to clear more space!
5.Use the ” one in, two out” rule. The rule: whenever you bring in an item, you have to donate two other items.
6.Make your storage space smaller and more minimal.
7.Clothing rule: If you haven’t worn an item in 6 months, sell or donate it.
8.The One-Year Box. Take all your items that you unsure about getting rid of and put them in a box, seal it and date it for 1 year in the future. When the date comes, and you still didn’t need to open it to get anything, donate the box WITHOUT OPENING IT. You probably won’t even remember what there was in the box.
9.Declutter one room… Spending time in that room will feel good, and it will be so easy to keep clean, that it will motivate you to do more!
10.Internalize that your value is not in your ” stuff”. It is just ” stuff”. And realize that your value grows when you share your ” stuff”.
11.Gift everything. Books you’ve read immediately get recycled among friends, family or local libraries. If you buy a new gaming system, donate your old one ““ and all the games.

Before you know it, you will have created that Zen-like home you’ve always wanted and you will have a fresh start on the New Year!

For a list of Goodwill’s 29 conveniently located Donation Centers, visit www.cincinnatigoodwill.org/donate. You will be glad you did!