Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries
Serving Greater Cincinnati

Spring into Spring with a Winter Clothing Donation

471px-Bomber_jacketThe Ohio Valley Goodwill team couldn’t be happier for the oncoming Spring weather. We are patiently waiting to exchange frost for flowers, indoor toys for outdoor games and heavy Winter coats for comfortable jackets. But, we also want to remind clothing donors in Cincinnati that their heavy coats can make a big difference at Goodwill. Our retail stores proudly serve individuals of all income levels and, while some of us may be hanging up our winter clothing, others would be happy to receive it for the still chilly nights of early Spring. Before you put your coat in the closet until next year, consider donating it to Ohio Valley Goodwill. We can make sure it gets to a community member who will need and value it as much now as you did in the frigid depths of January.

Your donation of a coat, scarf, hat, gloves or boots could go a long way towards making a Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky resident happier and safer in these final months of cold. Plus, you will get the satisfaction of knowing your possessions are still being enjoyed long after they outlived their usefulness to you. You will have helped one of your Cincinnati neighbors, helped cut down on the needless consumption of more stuff when gently used objects are widely available and even decluttered your own home. It is a good deed three-fold. Opportunities to help yourself while helping others are rare, and we hope you will take advantage of this one. Please drop off your winter clothes and goods at an Ohio Valley Goodwill clothing donation location today. For a list of convenient Goodwill donation centers, please visit www.cincinnatigoodwill.org/donate. Thank you Greater Cincinnati for your support!