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3 Fun Spring Crafts to Make with Goodwill Finds

If you’re a true crafter, you understand that a new season is just an excuse to take on another craft project. We’re here to fill your head with ideas for crafts that will get you in the spring spirit and keep your passion for crafts from breaking the bank.

Goodwill is the perfect place to stretch your creative muscles! Here are three ideas for spring crafts you can make with items thrifted at Goodwill:

#1: Basket Centerpiece

Baskets aren’t just for storage! Goodwill’s shelves are stocked full of wicker baskets in all shapes and sizes. Find one that’s the perfect size for your coffee or dining table, or pick out a few baskets to hang on an accent wall. If the color of a basket doesn’t suit you, consider painting it. With a sample-sized can of paint from the hardware store and a sponge, you can easily make the basket fit any color scheme in your home!

Basket from Goodwill Cincinnati
Basket from Goodwill Cincinnati

Once the basket is the right hue, fill it with moss and faux greenery or flowers. Use a glue gun to secure them in place. You’ll have a simple centerpiece or wall decoration that costs next to nothing and brings spring straight to your table!

Basket Wall graphic Goodwill
Basket Walls

#2: Reimagined Vases

When it comes to old vases, the possibilities are endless! Shop at Goodwill for unique vases at amazing prices. One tip is to use the “rule of threes” and create a vase grouping for a bookshelf or floating shelf. When choosing your vases, pay attention to their height and shape, because the rest you can change. Vases can be painted to look like earthy stoneware, or you can wrap them in twine, secured with hot glue. Then, fill each vase with faux flowers, marbles, or greenery.

#3: Spring Wreaths

Creating a spring-inspired wreath is another fantastic way to use your imagination. Yes, you could easily go the traditional route and put together a wreath using faux flowers. Or you could call in your friends and make it a competition!

Host a friendly challenge where each participant is tasked with creating a wreath using thrifted items at Goodwill. Instead of a traditional wreath base made of vine or wire, think about creating wreaths out of everyday items. Maybe you could use a flat basket as the base, or even a tray painted with some chalk paint in the middle! Decorate the wreath with fabric, feathers, buttons, or even repurposed scrapbook paper. This is a great way to share creative ideas, have a little fun, and change up your spring décor.

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