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Smart Tips for Thrifting Kids’ Clothes That Will Last All School Year

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Back to school made easy with Goodwill!

Back-to-school shopping for kids can be a challenge in and of itself. Between changing styles and mid-year growth spurts, it’s not easy to make kids’ clothing go the distance, especially if you’re trying to save money “” and who isn’t? Here’s where Ohio Valley Goodwill comes in!

With our massive selection of pre-owned clothing, shoes, and accessories, back-to-school shopping at Goodwill is the smart way to help your kids’ outfits last all school year long. Here’s how:

Size Up
It’s a fact of life: Kids grow, and they grow fast! As you’re shopping for back-to-school season, plan for those surprise growth spurts by buying clothes a few sizes up. Ohio Valley Goodwill has apparel for all ages and sizes, all at affordable prices. Be sure to browse all the racks on your next Goodwill shopping trip so you never miss a great deal!

Here’s another tip: When your kids outgrow their clothes, simply donate them back to Goodwill! You’ll be keeping those closets organized and making an environmentally friendly decision at the same time.

Shop Off-Season
Most traditional retail stores only carry outfits for the current season “” but not Ohio Valley Goodwill! We have a vast array of clothing, outerwear, formal attire, and accessories for all seasons, so you can stock up for the entire year and save both time and money.

Don’t Forget About Shoes!
Kids can outgrow shoes just as fast (if not faster) than their clothes, so it’s not unusual to need new shoes a few times throughout the school year. That’s why Ohio Valley Goodwill also has a wide range of thrifty footwear for kids of all ages! From sneakers to sandals, boots, and dress shoes, we’re proud to offer gently-used shoes at everyday low prices. If your kids start to feel their toes pinch in their shoes mid-year, you can always make a stop at your local Goodwill retail store to donate any old pairs and update their collection.

Goodwill's Cycle of Success
Goodwill’s Cycle of Success

Thrift Shop Your Way to a Great School Year!
Ohio Valley Goodwill is the Cincinnati thrift store you can count on for great prices on fabulous finds for students of all ages! Best of all, outgrown clothes can be donated back to Goodwill for other families to use, benefiting the planet and keeping Goodwill’s cycle of success in motion.

Find an Ohio Valley Goodwill store near you and get ready for a fabulous school year!