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3 Smart Reasons to Outsource Packaging Services

As a manufacturer of consumer packaged goods, you know that product packaging is a make-or-break operation. Good packaging ensures products are safe, secure, and protected from damage in transport from a distributor to the retailer or end-user.

Packaging is often a very detailed and complex process that involves time, labor, and costly resources. For this reason, many businesses choose to outsource packaging services to a third-party expert to save time and money while improving efficiency throughout the packaging and shipping process.

What is contract packaging?

A contract packager offers full-scale packaging services in a dedicated facility, with experienced workers, professional packaging equipment, and quality materials. This way, instead of managing packaging in-house, manufacturers can free up space for other important business processes. Many times, manufacturers choose to outsource packaging services when they need more labor resources and capacity to keep up with demand.

Why should you outsource packaging?

Now that you know what contract packaging entails, how do you decide if outsourcing packaging services is right for you? Here are three top benefits to consider:

Save valuable time

One of the main reasons to outsource packaging services is to save time and improve efficiency in your company. A contract packaging provider takes time-consuming packaging processes off your plate, allowing you and your employees to focus on core business processes. Instead of worrying about packaging, you can concentrate on improving your existing product line, creating new products, and growing your business.

Reduce and control operational costs

Another key reason to work with a contract packaging company is to reduce overhead costs. Outsourcing allows you to take advantage of a larger, professional packaging facility without having to move from your current location or invest in expensive machinery. By relocating in-house packaging to a third-party provider, you’ll create additional space for production or other business needs.

Labor is the other significant cost-saving advantage of outsourcing. Every internal employee comes with overhead costs, including recruiting, hiring, training, wages, and benefits. But when you outsource your packaging services, you’ll gain access to an entire pool of trained, experienced workers who specialize in packaging, all included in the cost of working with one provider.

Improve quality control

Quality, inventory accuracy, and fast turnaround are all priorities for today’s product manufacturers. When you partner with an experienced, reliable packaging provider, you can be confident that your products are being handled, packaged, and warehoused with care. The right packaging service will work with you to understand your unique challenges and provide solutions that improve your workflow and overall efficiency.

Enhance your packaging process with Goodwill!

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Our packaging services are driven by human intelligence, adding an extra level of quality control that’s unmatched by automation. We can even manage seasonal packaging projects if your business requires greater flexibility. Whether you’re looking for short-term or long-term professional packaging solutions, we’re ready to help your business succeed!

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