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Shop Online and Save with Goodwill!

The Monday after Thanksgiving is traditionally known as Cyber Monday “”  a time to score delightful deals for the holidays while shopping online. It’s a perfect excuse to curl up at home and shop from the comfort of your couch!

If you’re an avid thrift shopper, did you know you can shop Goodwill online? Shopgoodwill.com, our online auction site, makes it easy to get your thrifting fix and support your local Goodwill at the same time!

Goodwill Logo: We Put People to Work!

We Put People to Work!

Here’s how to shop online and save with Goodwill on this Cyber Monday:

#1: Visit Shopgoodwill.com

First things first: head to shopgoodwill.com to get started! This is the first and only nonprofit auction site created, owned, and operated by a nonprofit! Just like our retail stores, shopgoodwill.com exists to fulfill Goodwill’s mission of helping people find jobs and achieve personal and vocational success. More than 87 percent of the revenue raised from shopgoodwill.com goes on to support life-changing employment and job training programs and services for individuals with disabilities and others facing barriers to employment. Great deals and giving back to others “” that’s something you won’t find with other online auction sites!

Employment Coach with Young Woman

Employment coach

#2: Sign in or create an account

It’s helpful to make an account on shopgoodwill.com so you can bookmark items as you browse and come back later when you’re ready to buy. Shopping and bidding on items on shopgoodwill.com is quick and easy. You can negotiate the prices via online auctions or find items you can buy immediately in the ” Buy It Now” section!

Sparkly t-shirt with red sweater from Goodwill

Sparkly T-Shirt from Goodwill

#3: Browse your local Goodwill

One of the best parts of shopgoodwill.com is that you can narrow down your searches by local Goodwill stores. That means you can support Ohio Valley Goodwill anytime, anywhere! To browse items from Ohio Valley Goodwill’s stores, filter your search by seller, then select Cincinnati, Ohio. It’s that simple!

Green and white Teacup and saucer from Goodwill

Teacup and saucer from Goodwill

#4: Search for something specific

If you’re on the hunt for something special that you may not find in-store, search online at shopgoodwill.com! With an incredible selection of unique and vintage clothing, collectibles, home goods, accessories, sporting goods, electronics, and more, you never know what you’ll find when you spend some time browsing Goodwill online.

#5: Share your #GoodwillFinds!

Part of the fun of thrift shopping is showing off a unique and affordable item and saying, ” I got it at Goodwill!” At Ohio Valley Goodwill, we love seeing your Goodwill finds, including your DIY projects and transformations. Tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and we may reshare your post!

Mannequin dressed in pink hoodie with gold tote bag from Goodwill

Pink Hoodie from Goodwill

Cyber Monday gives you a chance to sit back, relax, and shop Goodwill on your own time, before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. If you’d rather shop at Goodwill in-person, we also have a network of retail stores in and around Greater Cincinnati for your convenience! Happy thrifting this holiday season!