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How Goodwill Helps You Shop for Your Sweetie on a Budget!

The season of love is upon us! How are you going to show your sweetheart or your best pals you adore them this Valentine’s Day? Don’t spend big money on a dull gift! Shop at Goodwill to find something special for less.  

Gifts for that Special Someone

Hey, cutie pie! You don’t need candy hearts to show your true love how much your heart flutters when you’re around them. Goodwill makes it easy to show someone you care! If you’re a traditionalist who typically goes for flowers, you could take those blooms to the next level with a beautifully unique vase. Or, secure a taste of luxury for your loved one with designer handbags or jewelry. It’s not unusual to find high-end labels for less in the aisles of a Goodwill thrift store.

If your sweetie is the type who loves adventure and activities, pick out athletic clothes, sports equipment, books, or video games. You could even plan a day together putting the gift to use!

Gifts for Your Best Buddies

This Valentine’s Day, don’t forget those pals who keep you laughing until you can’t breathe or take you out for tacos when you’ve had a bad day. A small token can really express to them the difference they make in your life.

Remember that picture you captured of the two of you having the time of your life? Print it and put it in a thrifted frame to freeze the memory for years to come. Or add a distinctive twist to the usual sweets and treats by gifting them in a thrifted candy dish with a colorful ribbon. A Goodwill touch makes what could have been a humdrum display into an exceptional gesture.

Gifts for Teachers

Teachers care for your children every day, so why not spread the love to the classroom this Valentine’s Day? Head to Goodwill to find fancy baskets that can be filled with themed items. Maybe a spa day basket, their favorite treats, or a beach day theme?

Shop at Goodwill and Support Employment Opportunities!

Cupid’s day will be here soon, so don’t wait to get shopping! Find your nearest Ohio Valley Goodwill thrift store and let your heart lead the way. When you choose Goodwill, you’ll also be supporting our mission to change lives through the power of work. There’s nothing sweeter than that!