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Shop for Baby and Save: 4 Baby Items to Find at Goodwill

 Smart shoppers know that Goodwill is the place to find amazing deals on an incredible selection of clothing and household items. But did you know that you can also find used and new baby items at your local Goodwill store? It’s true! Ohio Valley Goodwill is here to help you stay on budget while shopping for your little one. Here’s what you should look for on your next Goodwill trip:

Baby clothing at Ohio Valley Goodwill

Baby clothing at Ohio Valley Goodwill

Clothes galore

There’s no doubt that kids grow fast! Many times, they’ll only get one or two uses out of a piece of clothing before they’re ready for the next size. That’s one reason why it pays to buy baby and children’s clothes second hand. At Ohio Valley Goodwill, you can stock up on high-quality clothing in ” like new” condition for far less than it would cost to buy just one brand new outfit from a traditional retailer. And once your child outgrows his or her clothes, you can donate them back to Goodwill and give your items a new life with another family!


Shelf at Ohio Valley Goodwill with toddler toys and trucks

Toddler toys and trucks at Goodwill


Just like clothing, kids outgrow their toys quickly, too. On your next Ohio Valley Goodwill shopping trip, keep your eyes peeled for children’s toys at discount prices. It can also be a good idea to stock up on a few toys to keep at Grandma’s house. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for in-store, you can always check out Goodwill’s online auction site, shopgoodwill.com, to find a variety of toys for children of all ages.  

Nursery décor

Your baby’s nursery is much more than a place for your little one to sleep. As a parent, you’ll be spending a lot of time in this room, too! It should be a place where you feel cozy and comfortable when changing, dressing, and playing with your baby. If you’re looking to save money and time while furnishing and decorating your nursery, Ohio Valley Goodwill is the place to shop! Look things like picture frames, lamps, and other types of décor to fit the nursery theme and color scheme. You can also find furniture for the nursery such as a rocking chair, dresser, bookshelf or even a wooden trunk, all of which can easily be repurposed and upcycled with a quick sanding and fresh new coat of paint!

Children's books on a bookshelf

Children’s books at Ohio Valley Goodwill


Reading aloud to your baby is a wonderful way to spend bonding time together. Research even shows that reading to children helps them build the language and memory skill that are  so important as they grow older. However, there’s no need to pay full price for baby and children’s books, which may only be used for a short period of time. Head to your local Ohio Valley Goodwill store and browse our book selection for your next bedtime story. You can fill your bookshelf for less and share the benefits of reading with your little one.

Shopping at Ohio Valley Goodwill is much more than just a great way to save. You’re also helping people in your community receive the job skills training and vocational services they need to achieve employment success! So go ahead, check out one of our 18 convenient retail store locations and start shopping (and saving) for your little one! Find an Ohio Valley Goodwill store location near you today.