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Back to School Cool: Tips for Choosing ‘First Day’ Outfits

Backpacks, pencils, glue sticks, and folders! The start of another school year is rapidly approaching. You’re probably checking all the items off the official supply list, but you can’t forget the most important back-to-school purchase: A new outfit for the first day!

Back to School Cool Goodwill
Back to School Cool Goodwill

Picking out an outfit for the first day of school is an exciting opportunity to make a good impression and feel confident, and your nearest Goodwill Thrift Store is the perfect place to find the perfect ensemble. Here are some questions to ask yourself when choosing a look for your student:

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What’s the School’s Dress Code?

Make sure to check the school’s dress code policy to ensure that first-day outfit complies with any guidelines or restrictions. Many schools have specific rules about clothing length, logos, colors, and accessories.

What Will Make Me Feel Comfortable?

It’s always important to choose an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and allows you to move freely throughout the day. Students will likely be navigating a new environment and meeting new people, so feeling at ease in their clothes can boost their confidence.

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How Can I Reflect My Personal Style?

There’s nothing better than expressing your personality and individuality through a great outfit! Encourage your student to select pieces that reflect their personal style and make them feel like themself. Whether they prefer a classic, trendy, sporty, or bohemian look, their outfit can be an extension of who they are.

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Are My Choices Weather-Appropriate?

Take a look at the forecast for the first day, but don’t forget students will be inside a classroom for much of their time too. Consider looking for layering pieces, especially if the weather is unpredictable. This allows you to adjust an outfit throughout the day to stay comfortable.

Get your child excited about returning to the classroom

Will I Feel Confident?

The best first-day-of-school outfits make you feel confident and self-assured. Encourage your student to choose at least one piece that empowers them. It could be a favorite shirt, a lucky accessory, or a great new pair of shoes. A feel-good outfit will allow them to draw on that confidence whenever they find themselves in an unfamiliar situation!

Remember, the first day of school makes everyone a bundle of nerves. Starting a new school year is an opportunity to make new friends and learn new things.

Make a Difference with Goodwill This School Year

Shopping for your “first-day” outfit at Goodwill not only ensures you’ll have something unique — you’ll also be doing good for our community. Your Goodwill purchases help fund job skills training, housing assistance, and employment services for individuals with disabilities and our nation’s veterans.

Knowing that new look is making a difference in the lives of others is the perfect way to boost your student’s confidence as they enter a new classroom full of opportunity!