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Secrets to Sustainability: Recycle Your Electronics!

In the car, at work, or at home, Americans today just can’t get through their lives without technology.

Last year, nearly 80 percent of Americans had a desktop computer in their home, and more than 95 percent had a cellphone of some kind, according to a study conducted by Pew Research. That’s a lot of screens!

Have you ever thought about what happens to those devices when they’re past their useful life? They become something called ” e-waste,” and it’s a growing problem.

If electronics aren’t properly disposed of, toxic chemicals can leach out and pose health and environmental risks. The toxins can travel into the groundwater, affecting the soil and plants nearby, as well as our water sources such as streams, rivers, and lakes. These chemicals are dangerous for people and animals alike. Because of these concerns, you should never let your devices end up in the landfill.

So what to do with the technology that’s suddenly obsolete or no longer needed? The answer is similar to what you’d do with a plastic bottle or cardboard box. Reuse, recycle, or refurbish!  

Where to Donate Electronics in Cincinnati

Cycle of success at Ohio Valley Goodwill

Ohio Valley Goodwill is your first stop to donate flat screen computer monitors and televisions that work but are no longer needed. The proceeds from your donation will help to support the Goodwill mission and provide vocational success to individuals with disabilities in our community. It’s a win for everyone!

If your device happens to be on the list of items we can unfortunately not accept as a donation at Goodwill, you still have options for recycling. Places like Best Buy, Cleanlites Recycling, STS, and Cobalt may accept your devices and either recycle or refurbish them. Just be sure to remove any personal data from your devices or computer hard drives before donating!

In the meantime, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is working on policies that aim to help manage the disposal of electronics. The federal government aims to incentivize greener electronic design, increase domestic recycling, and reduce the exports of e-waste, among other efforts.

It’s important that we all do our part to keep electronics and other recyclable items out of landfills for the health of our planet. Instead, donate your working electronics “” as well as clothes and household goods “” to Goodwill and provide a path to meaningful employment for someone who needs it!