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School’s Out! 3 Fun Summer Crafts to Do With Kids

Now that school’s out, it’s the perfect time to think of creative ways to keep kids busy during the summer season. Whether you are looking to spend quality time with your children or just need a small break in order to get work done, Goodwill offers the perfect supplies for your kids to get crafty ““ without any electronics in sight!

Here are a few summer craft ideas to enjoy with your kids this summer:

Grey and white t-shirts from Goodwill

Grey and white t-shirts from Goodwill


Get groovy with tie-dye

Here at Ohio Valley Goodwill, we offer almost every article of clothing you could imagine. In addition to this, we have varying sizes for kids! Now that tie-dye is making a comeback and is in high-demand, take your own spin on it with by researching DIY ideas. The first step of this craft is to take a trip on over to your Ohio Valley Goodwill store to pick out your desired clothing item. This could be a plain white-t-shirt, shorts, or a sweatshirt. The possibilities are endless!

Then, head to a local arts and craft store to pick up some tie-dye paint in a variety of colors. After this, your kids will be able to use creative thinking while getting a great new addition to their wardrobe. Now that summer is here, you could even find a white towel to tie-dye that they can bring to the beach! The best thing about tie-dying is that it is enjoyable to do alone and with others. Let your kids express their creativity and even get a little messy in the process!

Glass jars from Goodwill

Glass jars from Goodwill

DIY i-spy

As a kid, you may remember having an i-spy bottle, in which you would put small objects, such as small toys, marble, or coins in a container or glass bottle and fill the rest with rice, seeds, or sand. Once the container is filled, seal the lid tightly using a strong glue. Then, on the front of the container, write down all of the small objects within the bottle. Once you shake up the contents, the goal is to find everything written on the list. This fun summer game is a great craft to create with kids that will leave them looking for treasures until they find them all!

Goodwill is the perfect place to find everything you need to make your own i-spy bottle, all at an affordable price. Look for small objects, such as miniature animal figurines, at your local Goodwill store. You can also find glass containers or bottles in a variety of sizes. The best thing about an i-spy bottle is that the creativity is all up to you and your children. Kids are sure to love this portable ” treasure hunt,” which can be used in any setting, whether indoors, outdoors, or while traveling!


” Firefly” jar

If you check out your Ohio Valley Goodwill store, you’re likely to find a great selection of glass jars, including Mason jars. With the purchase of some glow-in-the-dark paint, kids will be able to splatter the inside of the jar and have a creative night-light for their room or to use as decoration. This craft is fun and easy to create and can be done with friends to create memories all summer long!



Find it all at Goodwill

It can be tricky to think of affordable crafts for kids this summer, but Goodwill has the perfect solution to this problem. Visit your local Ohio Valley Goodwill store, to bring home ideas for various crafts to keep your kids entertained this summer.



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