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Save Money and Let Kids Define Their Style This Back-to-School Season with Goodwill!

Shop at Goodwill for Clothes and Supplies on a Budget



As summer is nearing an end and families gear up for the next school year, they can visit Goodwill to find all the items children need for back to school. Goodwill stores are great places to find clothes, shoes and other supplies children need when they head back to the classroom. In addition to being a one-stop shop for back-to-school needs, children have more freedom to define their style on a budget when they shop at Goodwill.

” Children are socially and environmentally conscious and eager to find unique styles that fit their personalities,” said Ann Walters, Retail Sales Manager at Ohio Valley Goodwill. ” When families shop at Goodwill, kids gain a better understanding of the importance of environmental sustainability and social responsibility by helping people find jobs in their local communities.”

Revenues from Goodwill stores help fund employment, job training and services such as career development, placement and coaching support. Last year, more than 3500 people in Greater Cincinnati received services from Ohio Valley Goodwill and 919 obtained jobs with Goodwill’s help. This year actually marks the 100th anniversary of Ohio Valley Goodwill’s vital employment and training services and the organization is very proud of the personal success of the thousands of people with disabilities and our nation’s veterans that the agency has served over the past century.

Shopping at and donating to Goodwill is an important experience for children. They learn the value of helping people in their communities find employment and care for their families. College students can find furniture and housewares at Goodwill stores “” enough to fill a dorm room or first apartment. As families buy items for back to school, Goodwill encourages them to donate the clothing and other items their children have outgrown. Visit www.cincinnatigoodwill.org/shop or www.goodwillbargains.com to find your nearest Goodwill store or donation center. Shop Goodwill this back-to-school shopping season- you’ll save money and your kids can create their own style this year!