Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries
Serving Greater Cincinnati


Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries has many relationships with companies all over the Tri State Area. Because of its relationship with Funacho, Goodwill was linked up with a Littleton, Colorado based company, Fun World Foods.

Fun World Foods needed bags of food related products to be boxed into specially sized boxes and labeled with corresponding information for its customers.

Goodwill has the suppliers necessary to acquire any and all types of packaging materials needed to complete all kinds of projects. Goodwill acquired the specially sized cartons, produced the special labels and reboxed the product according to the customer’s specifications.

Goodwill has been handling food and food related items for nearly 20 years. Goodwill is audited annually to certify that its facilities are approved to handle packaged food items.

Goodwill appreciates and greatly values the relationships it has established over the past decades and strives to maintain and solidify those relationships through superior services.

Please contact Goodwill if you have a labor intensive, hand work related project which requires a team of dedicated workers. Goodwill would be a great choice to make your company better through the outsourcing of these projects.