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4 Ways to Refresh Your Kitchen

Kitchen feeling tired? You’re not alone if you want to breathe new life into the room that often acts as a gathering place for friends and family. The kicker is that a kitchen remodel costs an average of $26,000!

Instead of spending a fortune on a major project, here are some simple ways to refresh your kitchen on a budget:

#1: Replace Your Utensils

Replacing your old utensils sounds like a minor change, but it can freshen things up in the kitchen! Plus, when you thrift for utensils, you can choose vintage patterns or even mix and match to add a bit of whimsy to every mealtime.

#2: Add a Rug

You don’t have to install new flooring to give your kitchen a fresh new look. Simple rug swaps are an easy way to change the look of your kitchen while adding a layer of comfort.

#3: Stylish Accessories

Sometimes refreshing your kitchen is as simple as replacing outdated accessories with more updated versions. Knife blocks, utensil holders, flower vases, trays, cutting boards, cookbooks, and vintage chinaware can elevate the look of your kitchen. These items can also be easily found at an Ohio Goodwill thrift store in Cincinnati! Survey your kitchen for places you can add stylish displays. Options could include open shelving, cabinetry with glass doors, or a spacious countertop.  

Outside of Goodwill Store
Outside of Goodwill Store

#4: Declutter and Get Organized

A cluttered kitchen feels heavy. Look for ways to clear your counters of chaos. For example, if you have unnecessary appliances and kitchen tools, collect them in a box and consider donating them to Goodwill. While you’re there, check out the Goodwill retail store for organizing solutions. Drawer organizers can help keep everything in place, and storage solutions such as baskets, hooks, and canisters keep cabinets and pantries in order.

A few small changes to your kitchen will leave you feeling fresh and ready to create your next culinary masterpiece! Everything you need to give your cooking space a mini makeover can be found at your nearest Ohio Valley Goodwill thrift store.

Shouldn’t your shopping make a difference for others? We think it should! No matter what you’re shopping for, when you thrift at Goodwill, you’re supporting services and programs that provide life-changing skills training to individuals with disabilities and others in our community.